Gotham Knights Batterang locations - Batgirl standing on a rooftop

The Gotham Knights Batarangs are small collectibles your black Knight put aside before their regrettable departure. Now it is your decision to explore every nook and cranny in Gotham to gather all 60 among these lost small bats. The benefits are not precisely dazzling, but it is an effective way to getting XP, an capability point, also to tour Gotham’s gloomy places.

Unlike the Gotham Knights graffiti (starts in brand new tab) murals which can be frequently a few tales high, Batarangs really are a great deal tougher to trace down. They have beenn’t marked on your own map, and additionally they do not also appear if you use your scanner, meaning you need to locate them the conventional method. In order to make things more serious, the overall game marks progress towards their conclusion in a very strange method, needing you to definitely gather 12 Batarangs for every single big area, which include two split town districts.

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