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  • Online presence these days has become a part and parcel of life. While searching anything online, the first search engine that comes to anybody’s mind is Google. If you need to send emails, you use Google, if you need to view a how-to video, you need to log in to your Google account. Even if you need to prepare an important presentation on your phone, you need a Google sign-in. Google has become an inevitable part of everyone’s lives.
  •  With the invention of smartphones, Google sign-in has become much easier. However, Google comes up with certain updates from time to time and this time, the latest Google update will have a significant impact on Android phone users
  • In this post, we will be explaining everything about the latest Google update where Google sign-in will be restricted on Android phones running a version of 2.3.7 or lower and how you can check your Android version and update the same.

 What is the latest Google update that everyone is talking about?

Google has an important piece of information for Android phone users. As per the latest Google update, Google will restrict sign-in on Android devices running on the version of 2.3.7 or lower from September 27 onwards. The decision was taken keeping in mind the Android users’ online safety and security. If you are an Android phone user and if your phone runs on the above versions, you might ask, “What is going to happen if I sign in on my Google accounts after September 27?” Well, when you will attempt to use Google services like Youtube, Gmail, and Maps, you might get a username or password errors.

Is this going to affect a lot of Android phone users? The answer is “Yes”, as Android version 2.3.7 was released as many as 10 years ago and studies suggest that three billion Android devices are active as of now. Therefore, it is going to have an impact on many users. At least, that is what statistics suggest.

Google suggests users update to the Android version of 3.0+ in case your device allows you to update the Android version. By doing so, you can be able to have access to Google apps and services.

When you are not allowed to sign in on Google accounts if your phone runs on Android version 2.3.7 or lower, there are some cases that can cause username or password errors. They are as follows:

1)    When you run a Factory reset on your device and attempt to sign in.

2)    When you change your password on the said device or other devices that will log you out of your Google accounts. When you attempt to log in again, you can get an error message.

3)    When you remove your account from the device that you are using and try to add it again.

4)    When you create an account on the device.

Can you still access your account? Yes, you can if you use a different version or update the version of your Android phone (3.0+). Another thing that you can try is to log in to your Google account using your device’s web browser. You can use some of the Google services if you do so.

How should you log in to your Google account using your device’s web browser? The answer lies in the following steps:

1)    Open the browser app on your phone

2)    Navigate to

3)    Navigate to

4)    Punch in your username and password

How should you check your Android version?

Attention Android phone users! You can check your Android version by performing the following steps:

 1) Open the Settings app on your phone.

2) At the bottom, click on System – Advanced – System Update

3) Check your “Android version” and “Security patch Level”

 How should you get the latest Android updates available?

Now that you know how to check your Android version, the next step is to get the latest Android updates that can be understood from the following steps:

As soon as you get a notification, open the same and click on the “update” action.

In case you have cleared the notification or you went offline, perform the following steps:

 1)  Open the setting Apps on your phone

2)  At the bottom, click on System – Advanced – System update

3)  You will be shown your update status and you need to follow the steps as shown on the screen


Updating your phone’s version is very important not only to ensure online safety and security but also to keep using the apps and services that you have been using so far.

Android users, be on your toes!

With the latest Google update, if you are an Android phone user, you should be on your toes as far as updating your android version is concerned. Keep using Google!


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