Warzone 2.0 is receiving a giant shakeup to its second likelihood system forward of its launch, introducing PvE components and an non-compulsory cooperative alternative to its new Gulag. 1v1 duels are gone (for now), changed with randomly paired groups of two. Gamers will not obtain random weaponry, as an alternative having to loot high-powered weapons from the center of the sector. 

The Gulag can be getting a pseudo co-op overhaul consistent with Warzone 2.0’s massive wager on populating maps and modes with bots (opens in new tab). If fight drags on too lengthy, the Gulag’s Jailer, a high-powered AI combatant, will be part of the combat. Defeating the jailer earns all 4 gamers a ticket again to Al Mazrah. So there at the moment are two paths to a second likelihood: kill the opposite prisoners as regular, or workforce up towards the Jailer.

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