Getting burned at the stake is just the start in this grimdark, witchy FPS

i am a sucker for the good primary menu gag, particularly one in which you change in to a cutscene without any loading (evaluating you, Spec Ops: the Line). The demo the future retro FPS, Coven (starts in brand new tab), kills it right here with the key menu overlaid for a scene of the audience of medieval peasants observing you. Beginning a fresh game views a priest come ahead and light your pyre aflame, condemning you to definitely a gruesome death. Initial degree then starts with you searching from the very own grave to obtain revenge.

Coven (first spotted by Alpha Beta Gamer (starts in brand new tab)) certainly had me personally experiencing just a little queasy oftentimes featuring its overpoweringly grim content, however the low-fi throwback visuals (highly similar to brand new Blood’s Dusk) assisted keep some welcome psychic distance here, as well as its busy FPS combat is simply too fun to keep afraid for very long.

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