Genshin Impact 2.8 promo with Kazuha, Fischl, Mona, and Xinyan

Genshin influence’s endgame (or absence thereof) is a problem considering that the game launched 2 yrs ago. It absolutely was one of the most significant items that sooner or later drove me personally away in 2021, and I also hoped that things would progress. Regrettably, it appears HoYoverse does not have any intention of incorporating more combat-based endgame modes any time soon.

In a current meeting with Gamespot (starts in brand new tab), the designer taken care of immediately some long-standing community criticisms. Using the only permanent endgame increasingly being Spiral Abyss—a challenge with numerous floors that may be finished every two weeks—there are not precisely numerous approaches to push your group comps. Short-term occasions such as for instance Labyrinth Warriors have actually proven that HoYoverse will come with brand new, interesting endgame challenges, however it isn’t thinking about incorporating another permanent one.

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