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Fire & rock: Siege of Vienna 1683 is definitely an available, 2-player, completely asymmetric, card-driven wargame that plays in 60-90 moments, from Robert DeLeskie and Capstone Games. Here is a game filled up with deep hand administration choices and tight moments much like card-driven historic game strikes such as for example Watergate and Twilight Struggle. Siege of Vienna is really a SPIEL ‘22 launch available for pre-order, that I’ve had the pleasure of playing for a review content supplied by the publisher.

In Siege of Vienna, one player assumes the part associated with unpleasant, 100,000-strong Ottoman military, although the other player represents the Habsburg defenders in just one of probably the most dramatic sieges ever. Each player includes a unique group of strategy, strategy, and troop cards, along side various challenges and triumph conditions. The Ottoman player wins straight away when they control the Curtain Wall, or when they control the Ravelin plus the Burg Bastion. In the event that Ottoman player cannot attain triumph prior to the end associated with fifth round, the Habsburg player wins the overall game. In addition, either part may also win straight away when they prevent all their opponent’s troops, or if their opponent’s morale reaches the base of the morale track.

The map for Siege of Vienna is made up of big, chunky hexes corresponding to particular historic places. Some hexes are seeded with wood cannons and fortifications during setup. The Habsburg part (yellow) has 10 cannons, 7 beefy structural fortifications, and control of a few hexes, although the Ottoman part (red) occupies and controls one hex with 6 measly cannons. The Ottomans may possibly not have as numerous cannons once the Habsburgs, nonetheless they have actually 20 troop cards that are more powerful than the 12 weaker Habsburg troops. That is simply the end associated with iceberg about the asymmetry in Siege of Vienna.

Both players begin the overall game with 5 arbitrarily drawn tactic cards, strategy and troop decks, plus quantity of dice corresponding with their cannons. There are player helps for both players, which look extremely wordy on top, but are awesome and thorough. When you browse the rulebook and play several rounds, almost everything you should know is in the player helps for guide: the series of play, triumph conditions and actions for both edges, plus the battle series.

It’s well worth noting that we played Siege of Vienna solely using the premium playmat that Capstone provides being an add-on, maybe not the typical game board. Both are comparable game functionality smart, however the playmat is somewhat wider to allow for areas for discard heaps and control tokens. You no longer need, however it is a fantastic update for individuals who might choose it.

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Let the sieging start!

Siege of Vienna is played over 5 or less rounds. Each circular, players alternate playing strategy cards from their hand to either just take certainly one of their available actions or even to trigger the function for a card. Much like many card-driven games, the hand administration choices are challenging and tight. Both edges have actually their very own decks of strategy cards with various kinds of occasions and reaction cards which can be all effective and helpful, particularly when timed well. It’s a constant battle to determine if it is the best time and energy to play a card the occasion versus saving it for later on into the round, or discarding it to execute an action.

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My Ottoman hand of strategy cards

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An entrenched Glacis hex

As far as actions get, the Ottoman player can Entrench, Assault, Mine, Fortify, or Bombard. Whenever you Entrench, you advance and manage an uncontrolled Glacis hex next to a hex you control by putting your control token and 2 improvised fortifications (wood sticks). It’s also possible to go a variety of your cannons to the newly managed hex. You then increase Ottoman morale and reduced Habsburg morale by 1. But’s only a few sunlight and rainbows the Ottoman military. The Habsburg player does not appreciate you inching towards them, so that they fire all their cannons by rolling dice for every single of the cannons, eliminating your troops on any outcomes of 6, up to a optimum of 2 eliminated troops. Whenever troops are eradicated, your opponent arbitrarily picks cards from your own troop deck and places them within eradicated stack. Luckily the Ottomans, they will have more troops within their deck, therefore losing several is unfortunate, not entirely harmful.

Bombarding lets you decide on a Habsburg-controlled hex which next to a hex you control, then roll 1 die for every single cannon you
have next to it. In the event that you roll 2 or higher 6s, you can eliminate 1 structural fortification (wood arrowheads) through the hex. For the next aggressive action, it is possible to assault to strike a Habsburg-controlled hex which next to a hex you control. We’ll protect exactly how battles work once I describe one other actions.

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4 Habsburg shovels = difficulty the Ottomans

Both the Ottoman and Habsburg player is capable of doing Mine and Fortify actions. The Fortify action lets you include an improvised fortification up to a hex you control, noting you simply cannot have significantly more than 2 fortifications for a offered hex. Fortifications are beneficial to defenders simply because they restrict the total amount of troops the attacker can leverage for power in battles.

The Mine action might be the best action in Siege of Vienna. Whenever you have a Mine action, you draw a tunnel token from your own draw case and secretly peek at it to observe how numerous shovels take it. You then stick it face straight down in your tunnel room, so that your opponent does not have any notion of its value. Now, if you will find 4 or higher shovels altogether among all your face-down Tunnel tiles, you may possibly expose them to trigger an explosion to eliminate a few of your opponent’s fortifications. Even though there’s certainly not a massive dramatic effect from the my own explosion, you cannot assist but feel stressed as soon as your opponent is drawing a tunnel token from their case. You are going to nervously wonder should this be likely to be the one which causes, or you’re nevertheless safe. It is usually suspenseful which is the reason why We dig it.

In addition on Fortify and Mine actions, the Habsburg player can Barrage to strike Ottoman troops making use of their cannons by rolling dice just like the Ottoman Bombard action. If they are experiencing courageous, the Habsburg player may also Sortie to get 1 Morale after which strike an Ottoman-controlled hex which next to a hex they control.

Battles may extremely suspenseful and tight in Siege of Vienna. First, both players choose troop cards from their particular troop decks and put them face right down to the medial side associated with game board. The troop cards each have power value which range from 1 to 3. The Habsburg player can simply ever play no more than 3 troop cards, although the Ottoman player could play as much as 6 troop cards for adjacent managed hexes whether they have a traceable supply line back into their camp. Having said that, i have never ever had the oppertunity to relax and play over four to five troop cards once the Ottomans, nor have actually my opponents, but ideally I’m able to accomplish 6 cards for battle the next time we perform.

After both players have actually put their troop cards face right down to express their front line, you start with the attacker, players may play a tactic card face down. Then each part reveals their strategy and troop cards and resolves the consequences associated with tactic cards at the same time. At the start of the overall game, each player arbitrarily attracts 5 tactic cards from their part’s deck of 10 cards to make use of for your game. There is a constant discover how numerous battles are likely to take place in certain game, and that means you require make use of your tactic cards sparingly and sensibly. The entire process of determining your troop cards along with your tactic card, if you choose to relax and play one, is indeed challenging. There can be some battles in which you get in super strong once the attacker and waste your energy for a battle in which your opponent plays poor troop cards, and/or no strategy anyway. Every battle is this type of gripping head game in Siege of Vienna, particularly the people in later on rounds whenever there’s lots of stress on both edges. It is great!

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Examples of tactic cards

After you expose troop and tactic cards, you use the consequences associated with defender’s fortifications. That is one thing you are conscious of entering the battle, nevertheless never ever understand the effects of the opponent’s tactic card and exactly how it will impact the remainder battle quality. In terms of fortifications, the attacker must go troops from their front line with their back line for every single fortification in the assaulted hex: 1 per improvised, and 2 per structural fortification. Any troops into the back line never add power on battle, and that means you genuinely wish to make an effort to eradicate as numerous fortifications as you’re able if your wanting to attack a hex, nevertheless’re additionally facing the clock once the Ottomans, and that means you frequently only have to cope with it.

Then there exists a casualties stage, in which the Ottoman player rolls a die for every single of the cannons on or next to the assaulted hex, accompanied by the Habsburg player rolling a die for every single of the cannons anywhere. For every single 6 rolled, your opponent removes 1 random troop from their front line having a optimum of 2 eliminated troops. This is brutal the Ottoman player, but that is more reason behind them to strike Habsburg hexes with cannons to try and remove them. Either that or play tactic cards to influence the casualties stage to your benefit whenever feasible.

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Battle quality beginning…

Finally, you compare the battle value of troop cards in each player’s front side line just. The larger battle value victories plus the defender wins ties. In the event that attacker wins, they reach manage the area and eliminate any cannons and fortifications that belonged on defender. As well as the attacker’s morale is increased by 1 plus the defender’s morale is reduced by 1. Having said that, in the event that Habsburgs winnings as defender, the Ottomans lose 1 Morale.

After players have actually alternated playing their strategy cards for offered round to either perform actions or trigger occasions, you down side as much as 5 cards to begin the following round, unless it is the end associated with fifth round, whereby, the Habsburg player would win.

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Prepping for battle within Curtain Wall

Fire & rock: Siege of Vienna 1683 is really a solid 2-player, card-driven wargame. Every choice you are up against into the game is juicy and significant. It feels as though a great next thing in Capstone’s historic game lineup after Matthias Cramer’s Watergate. It’s really a locks more technical and has a little longer to relax and play than Watergate, nonetheless it includes a comparable kind of stress once you perform it, that I enjoy. You are up against tough choices through the extremely start of game, plus the much deeper you receive, the greater amount of the strain grows, whether you are playing once the Ottomans and/or Habsburgs. Even though it is really a wargame, it is rather available and therefore prone to interest many different various kinds of gamers. In reality, certainly one of my friends who’s maybe not into wargames played it beside me, and she enjoyed it plenty and really wants to play once again.

There is unquestionably some fortune in Siege of Vienna about rolling dice for the cannons, but most of the overall game is within control based on exactly how so when you perform specific cards. The combat system is clever and intriguing and does not revolve strictly around dice rolls, which is really a plus. I enjoy how you choose your troop and tactic cards secretly in battle, after which expose them at the same time. It feels as though a mini game inside the general game, and it’s really constantly suspenseful.

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Down on cable…we had been both sweating!

The rulebook and elements are great, and Donal Hegarty did a huge task using the art and graphics design. There is a good stunning example in the package lid which reminded me personally of in the package lid of Pax Pamir. We additionally love your game features a split booklet with historic details and designer records to find out more about this interesting section of history.

i have played and enjoyed Robert DeLeskie’s The Wars of Marcus Aurelius from Hollandspiele, and I also have actually Stilicho: final associated with Romans on my “rack of possibility”. While there is more for me personally to learn with your 2 solitaire releases from DeLeskie, i am extremely excited to relax and play more Fire & rock: Siege of Vienna 1683, and I also cannot wait to see just what he designs next.

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