Board Game: Die Seher von Santiiba

In February 2021, we posted a video clip breakdown of Die Seher von Santiiba from Leo Colovini, Teodoro Mitidieri, and Zoch Verlag — however for some explanation now not known in my experience, i did not post that video clip right here. The overall game has struck the dining table once again recently, but therefore I am just since the game entirely, while incorporating another video clip to handle the main one facet of the game that does not work with me personally: the component-to-box ratio.

Die Seher von Santiiba (“The Seers of Santiiba”) includes a easy concept: Anticipate just what other people will select, and you will benefit. In your change, you roll the five dice — the dice have actually pips for figures 1-3 and numerals for figures 4-6 — then everybody else secretly chooses one die they think you are going to select.

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Gold on white had not been a perfect option;for quality, we read from the figures after rolling

You call down a color — “Brown!” — and in case anybody reveals on the crystal ball they opted for brown, then you definitely has to take the reward connected with that die: pips provide motion regarding the point track, while numerals offer you a card regarding the matching color. The gamer that caught you, that look over your own future motives within their crystal ball, gets this exact same reward straight away, whether motion regarding the track or perhaps a card.

If nobody opted for that color, then you can certainly just take either the standard reward and/or “reverse” reward, utilizing the numeral for motion plus the pips for the card. For a reverse reward, then you definitely have actually played “unfairly” and for that reason must select another color to place your self prone to being caught. For an ordinary reward, you are able to stop selecting colors and gather your reward(s), or perhaps you can select once again.

If all opponents have actually revealed their crystal ball, then you definitely lose all of the benefits you’ll have experienced plus change stops. Everyone has gathered one thing, while got bupkis as you had been too clear inside desires.

If, but you’ve selected four dice without all the opponents getting you, then you can certainly claim either the standard or reverse reward for that 4th die, then end your change and gather every thing.

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My concealed guess

Thus, Die Seher von Santiiba actually straight-up Vizzini-style challenge of outguessing your opponent, whether you are the main one making the forecast and/or one selecting dice. At first everybody begins with absolutely nothing, which means you have actually small to take regarding that is selecting just what, besides anticipating that somebody will choose a high numeral within the hope that nobody will get them in order to move ahead the scoring track, but while the game advances, individuals begin gathering cards plus they begin breaking up regarding the track, providing them with — while — more incentives for just what to select.

here is why: the overall game stops an individual reaches 30 regarding the scoring track, then everybody compares their cards. Whoever gets the fewest green cards must flip their blue cards ugly, changing them from the value of 4 up to a value of 0; whoever gets the fewest blue cards a great deal flip their brown cards; and whoever gets the fewest brown flips red plus the fewest red flips white. White cards will be the tie-breaker, therefore if we connect on fewest green cards, then whoever gets the fewest white loses that tie. Whenever we connect for white cards, then we both lose that tie. Most likely colors are fixed, you sum the worth on your cards and go your figure ahead regarding the scoring track. Whoever will be farthest ahead wins.

Thus, you’ve got a two-stage competition of instant motion during play and delayed motion at game’s end considering that has just what — and that is just what drives lots of alternatives. All things are general public, in order to monitor that has just what. For those who have no white bowls, then you definitelyare going to lose ties, and so I understand you have got a reason to choose the white die on your own change, nevertheless understand i am aware that, and in case there’s no necessity the fewest cards of other colors, then ties cannot make a difference for you — or simply you are going difficult on motion in the 1st phase regarding the game, hoping to construct an adequate amount of a lead your card points wont make a difference.

In other terms, the overall game is focused on reading other people while remaining unreadable your self. In a single present playing, a new player without any brown cards about halfway through game opted for brown on their very first guess, and all sorts of three opponents unveiled brown. Boom, start! Next change, he made it happen once again, thinking we’dn’t expect that — yet all three people had yet again selected brown. Double growth! Next change, well, just what do we do now?

Seher is totally dedicated to direct player connection considering our standings amongst the other person, therefore produces great moments that develop on repetition of alternatives, with small benefits while you guess or escape with one thing. Since the active player, you are able to press your fortune to try and grab more for a change, therefore the game indulges that desire together with outthinking other people.

I had played 3 times for a review content once I recorded the video clip below, and today i have played five times. The two-player game works, nonetheless it does not have the excitement regarding the game with three to four players because one effective guess is all it takes to finish your change.

In that video clip, we reported regarding how the elements float within the field. I will understand just why Zoch circulated the overall game in its standard big square field. Seher doesn’t always have a lot of elements, nonetheless it has cards, a game title board, punch panels, synthetic doodads the crystal balls, and custom lumber elements, so that it includes a large amount of items to supply from various places, and I also imagine the manufacturing price merits a sizable field to mention the “proper” cost of the overall game — but that does not suggest i have to keep carefully the game in a sizable field.

An hour’s work had been all it took to shrink the overall game to one-quarter of its initial size, now which makes it much more rack friendly. The overall game design has organized well for me personally, and today the overall game field is much more to my taste. If you want motivation for comparable rack slimming, perhaps this video clip might help:

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