Freedom Planet 2 feels like a long-lost Sega Saturn gem

2014’s Freedom Planet (starts in brand new tab) changed the Sonic The Hedgehog fan scene. It had been one of the primary big tasks to shed its lent Sega branding and start to become a unique thing—not simply with regards to looks and environment, but mechanically, too. Channeling the nature of Japanese studio Treasure (Gunstar Heroes, Ikaruga, an such like), Freedom Planet blended Sonic’s fast platforming with playful, expressive aerial motion and satisfying boss-bludgeoning combat. It had been great enjoyable, however the indie designers behind it had larger plans.

After seven long years in development, the sequel is currently available, also it ended up being well worth the delay.

Need To Know

What Exactly Is It?: A fast platformer with crunchy combat and lots of bosses.
Expect to cover: $24.99/£19.99
Release date: September 13th, 2022
Developer: GalaxyTrail
Publisher: GalaxyTrail
Played on: Windows 11, Nvidia 2080 Ti, Intel i9-9900k @ 4.9ghz, 32GB RAM
Multiplayer: None
Store page: Steam,

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