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If you have not tried How to Get Six Months of Apple Music for Free, thanks to a new promotional program the company operates, you can get the service with a five-month, free subscription. 

  • If you’re a new user, Apple already offers a three-month free trial. Customers must pay Rs 99 per month after the trial period ends, or you can now get it for Rs 365 per month as part of the Apple One plan.
  • It’s no secret that Apple has been busy launching a slew of new services, including Apple Music, Apple News Plus, and, most recently, Apple Fitness Plus.
  • And die-hard Apple fans may be hesitant to subscribe to any of them, which would add $30 to your monthly credit card bill. 
  • Ok, here’s some good news for your wallet: you can get free six-month samples of all of Apple’s online services right now at Best Buy.

 Choose one of the below; the only stipulation is that you must be a new subscriber.

What is the Shazam app used for?

To take advantage of the deal, all you have to do is download Apple’s Shazam app. If you’re unfamiliar, this is an app that can remember the name of a song by listening to it for a few seconds. 

  • You can also listen to the song before adding it to your Apple Music or Spotify playlists. The app also displays lyrics that are timed. It also has support for the Dark theme.

Few Ideas to get a free Apple Music subscription in 2021

You have to ask the app to recognize a song when you download the Shazam app on your iPhone or iPad. 

  • You can play any song on YouTube and tap the icon in the application. 
  • The App shows you an opportunity to play the song on Apple Music until you do this.
  • You just have to press it, and Shazam will send you an Apple Music subscription for up to five months free of charge.
  • Remember, however, that this deal is visible to those who have never used the streaming service of Apple before. 
  • Apple has also been seen in the settings section of Shazam’s app, which offers the extended trial duration of Apple Music.

May anyone get the free Apple Music subscription? 

Apple Music users based in India, Australia, Canada, the USA, and certain other countries are currently online with Apple Music.

For schools, the free trial of Apple Music has been extended to six months.

The free trial of Apple Music for students is usually the same for three months before Apple TV+ can be provided as a sweetener for a half-price subscription. But for higher education students in selected countries, Apple is now doubling the free duration to six months.

6-month trial of Apple Music.

The fact that the iOS 14.5 beta now allows you to set Spotify as your default music player for Siri could be related to the emphasis on getting Six Months of Apple Music for Free.

When you ask Siri to play something for the first time, it displays a list of all the streaming services you have installed on your computer and prompts you to choose which one you want to use. Once you’ve done so, Siri will use the service for all future requests.

On Verizon, you will get a 6-month free trial of Apple Music.

Verizon says Apple Music has been added to its Play More or Get More Unlimited mobile lines now. 

  • An Apple Music 6-month, free subscription is provided to users who subscribe to Verizon Unlimited.
  • You must stay on a skilled Verizon unlimited scheme to get Apple Music free for 6 months and you can then activate a free test on Apple Music.
  • You must build an Apple account and register for Apple Music if you have not registered for Apple Music. 
  • You must cancel your duplicate subscription after enabling the new one via Verizon if you have an Apple Music subscription already.

To trigger your Apple Music subscription on Verizon, follow these steps:

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To activate Apple Music subscription on Verizon:

  1. Go to on your computer or mobile device, or go to “Add-ons” in the My Verizon app’s “Account” section.
  2. Accept the Terms and Conditions and choose the lines you want to enroll in Apple Music.
  3. A text message with a connection to download or open the Apple Music app will be sent to each line.
  4. After your subscription is enabled, you can control or cancel it at or under “Account” in the “Add-ons” section of the My Verizon app.


You will be requested to pay for a plan to continue the subscription after the 6 months free trial for Apple Music. You can cancel your subscription if you cannot afford it or simply don’t want to Get Six Months of Apple Music for Free

However, you will not be able to listen to or download all songs during the free trial. You can download Apple Music songs during the free trial with the TunesKit Apple Music Converter if you still want to listen to the songs after you cancel the subscription. And then you can hear such songs with any kind of media player without an Apple Music subscription.


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