fortnite mending machine


As area of the brand new regular challenges in Fortnite, you will need to search for and make use of a Mending Machine. Vending devices aren’t anything brand new in Fortnite, with Mending Machines dispensing recovery things plus the Weapon-O-Matic dishing away, well, tools. You will need to conserve some silver pubs and buy things from the Mending device recently, therefore let us take a good look at finding them. 

how to locate Mending Machines in Fortnite 

Weapon-O-Matic vending devices are available in nearly every called location and POI throughout the battle royale map and there is frequently multiple in each area. You will find less Mending devices, though, plus they are always discovered near gasoline stations. You will find ten Mending devices on map, therefore listed here is and you’ll discover them: 

  • At the centre of oily Grove 
  • South of Tilted Towers 
  • East of Cloudy Condos 
  • Northeast of Fort Jonesy 
  • Northwest of Shimmering Shrine 
  • In Coney Crossroads 
  • East of Lustrous Lagoon 
  • Northwest of Sleepy noise 
  • Southeast associated with Rave Cave 
  • West of Logjam Junction 

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Once you see a Mending device, it is possible to select which kind of healing product you’ll need. You alternatives are:

  • Bandage: 10 silver pubs 
  • Small shield potion: 30 silver pubs 
  • Medkit: 50 silver pubs 
  • Patch up: 100 silver pubs 
  • Shield potion: 120 silver pubs 


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