Fortnite jack-o-lanterns are section of among the regular challenges inside battle royale this October. You’ll want to find and destroy jack-o-lanterns having ranged tool to tick this quest off your Halloween list. First however, you will need to find these decorations—and you’ll need five of those to accomplish the task.

If you have been playing others tasks during Fortnitemares, you might have seen jack-o-lanterns whenever you’ve been on an outing. Making jelly bean shields (starts in brand new tab) and throwing candy from the car (starts in brand new tab) has most likely brought you into close proximity to these Halloween squashes, which means you can see them effortlessly. Nevertheless, it never ever hurts to truly have a reminder of where you can look. Listed here is how to locate Fortnite jack-o-lanterns to destroy all of them with a ranged tool. 

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Fortnite jack-o-lantern areas 

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