Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Review - Amongst Friends And Foes In Fódlan

Going into Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, i did son’t know very well what you may anticipate. I’dn’t dived deeply in to the musou genre, that is centered on hacking and slashing through mobs of enemies while using straight down battlefield generals strategically, in a significant means considering that the PlayStation 2 generation’s Dynasty Warriors games. Plus, it is a spinoff to 1 of the best change games in a totally various genre. Now, having rolled credits alongside Edelgard and Ebony Eagles after 36 hours, I am able to state that Three Hopes effectively adapts every thing we liked about Fire Emblem: Three homes right into a strategic, combo-heavy musou. It’s a great time to try out and packs a tale just like thrilling as Three homes. 

Three Hopes starts with some dozen teens from a industry journey, also it’s right here that protagonist Shez fulfills the Garreg Mach Monastery course. After having a lovely demonstration of their mercenary prowess, you check out the monastery and find the home you intend to join. We connected with Edelgard’s Ebony Eagles once more. I’m happy i did so because this storyline provided me with a completely brand new viewpoint, albeit another canon one, regarding the path We viewed in Three homes.

A time skip occurs quickly, and today, Edelgard is recharging across Fódlan, wanting to unite the land. The woman biggest enemy continues to be the church, but she even offers to cope with Alliance frontrunner Claude, Kingdom frontrunner Dimitri, and soldiers who had been when the woman buddies at Garreg Mach. Witnessing these confrontations unfold is entertaining, thrilling, and heartbreaking. Viewing figures who had been when my buddies die is brutal, specially when it occurs by the end of my blade, arrow, or fiery spell.

Three Hopes’ musou fight just improved the consequence. Mowing down mobs is simple, but previous classmates along with other called NPCs need more strategy. These enemies have actually wellness pubs, an armor course, and particular weaknesses. A mounted enemy may be poor to archer assaults, like those from Bernadetta, but strong against blade assaults, like those of Shez. 

In this case, i really could either just take direct control of Bernadetta or make use of Three Hopes’ battle map to pick Bernadetta and purchase the woman to assault. I really like exactly how this display screen permits me personally to avoid the ongoing battle, have a breather, and prepare my next move. It became useful into the tougher phases since you must finish many primary missions and many part quests to have the coveted S ranking, which is sold with abundant benefits. I usually chased S ranking, which you are able to make considering exactly how quickly you finished a objective, enemies defeated, and much more. 

Knocking straight back a large number of enemies stayed fresh and satisfying well into my Three Hopes journey. Also toward the finish, once I felt the overall game had overstayed its welcome, we nevertheless smiled on sheer quantity of destruction taking place on-screen. Additionally didn’t harm that every thing i did so beyond battle ended up being familiar in a manner that kept me personally hooked.

This could be because of just how much Three Hopes borrows from Three homes. Gifts return, since do help grades for building relationships with figures. You are able to just take them on expeditions while having tea together. The stores, blacksmith, training teacher, and cooking sessions return too. Also Fire Emblem’s old-fashioned rock-paper-scissors game play exists for the reason that various classes do more harm to specific kinds of enemies. I love just how much Three Hopes encouraged me personally to pay for focus on this formula as it stopped me personally from just utilizing Shez. As an alternative, We utilized everybody else, which encouraged brand new methods and aided keep my whole military precisely leveled and ready for the following battle. 

That formula and exactly how it impacted combat additionally lent it self to your game’s governmental war aspect. We felt just like a basic doling out purchases, switching figures to confirm various goals, and changing methods regarding the fly to take into account brand new part missions and further solid enemies. Mix that aided by the extremely engaging narrative, and Three Hopes oftentimes feels as governmental and engaging as Game of Thrones’ most readily useful periods. 


It’s not totally all plants and rainbows for me personally with Three Hopes, however. Playing this is a thrilling experience, its visuals mostly don’t surpass the remainder game. It operates great, but save yourself the gorgeous character art, you’re mostly taking a look at the exact same jagged and dull castles, forts, and surrounding scenery. You can find features in some places, such as your primary camp, but we invested nearly all of my time regarding the battlefield, which hardly ever popped aesthetically. We wished Three Hopes’ visuals had gotten the maximum amount of attention and love while the remaining portion of the game. 

Three Hopes operates several chapters a long time, plus some late-game twists don’t carry the effect they need to consequently, but my 36 hours had been a lot of fun. Three Hopes effectively and expertly integrates every thing great around three homes into its musou format, both in narrative as well as in game play; it is been certainly one of the best change experiences in present memory consequently. If you want Three homes, you ought to play Three Hopes, and I’d suggest it for your requirements even although you aren’t knowledgeable about the musou genre. And when you have gotn’t played Three homes, there’s an excellent opportunity that’ll be the next game after rolling credits with this one.

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