IRobot makes robots that vacuum cleaner. IRobot makes robots that mop. Other businesses make robots that vacuum cleaner and mop. Therefore, how doesn’t iRobot? In the event that you had expected the business that concern because recently as couple of weeks straight back, you probably could have gotten a stock solution about maybe not doing one thing unless you can perform it appropriate.

Obviously the clear answer is really a little more nuanced. To begin with, iRobot does create a two-in-one — type of, kind of, at the least. Thing is, it is A) just obtainable in European countries and B) evidently it is certainly not around the business’s very own exacting criteria about this kind of thing — one thing co-founder and CEO Colin Angle admitted in a discussion with TechCrunch the other day.

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“the consumer is extremely worked up about the ease of a two-in-one robot, therefore we had a need to build one,” the professional states. “But, being iRobot, we had a need to really build one, in the place of carrying it out in a fashion that does not deliver regarding the vow. Now, many two-in-one robots are actually one-plus-one.” He includes these Roomba for the reason that list.

The other interesting wrinkle in most of the is iRobot’s long history with mopping robots. The Scooba line goes back to 2006. This product had been really a Roomba that swapped the debris case for neat and dirty water tanks. It had been discontinued following a ten years, after iRobot’s purchase of Evolution Robotics. That business’s Mint robot, that used a pad to wash floors, fundamentally became Braava.

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Today, iRobot announced the Roomba Combo j7+, initial Roomba (with that certain notable exclusion) to create two-in-one mopping and vacuuming towards popular brand. As recommended by the long title, the latest providing is founded on exactly the same equipment whilst the standard j7. The “+” describes the emptying dock, although the “Combo” is really a mention of the mopping functionality. Offered the naming meeting, it appears as though the “Combo” function are going to be visiting extra entries in Roomba line, later on.

The mopping functionality uses an supply that reduces a Braava-style pad towards flooring and lifts up and lays flush at the top associated with the robot for safe stowage — and also to avoid dragging the mop regarding the carpeting. Among other activities, the system’s on-board cleverness has the capacity to differentiate carpeting/rugs from hardwood/tile/linoleum.

Image Credits: iRobot

The robot’s impact is really a bit bigger than the typical j7, simply to pay for additional area the water tank. At this time, the dock can’t immediately clear the tank, because it does the vacuum cleaner container, though that are one thing the business is focusing on.

As you’ve no-doubt guessed, none of the comes cheap. The Combo j7+ rises for preorder today, costing $1,099. It begins shipping October 4, and also will be produced available with no container + bundle.

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