A tank on a tank

Let me personally focus on a confession: i will be perhaps not the maximum tank in Final Fantasy 14. In many games, that one included, I’m more at ease dishing out harm than i will be soaking it. In the event that you perform being a tank in FF14, all eyes take you: not merely will enemies deliver all their violence the right path (if you are doing all your task), however the sleep of the celebration will appear for your requirements for guidance. In the beginning, that thought terrified me personally significantly more than the haunted halls of Haukke Manor and/or lethal dragons of Aery.

But We provided it an attempt anyhow, yet again I worked my means through primary game and two expansions being a tank, I’m able to properly state that my dreaded “tank anxiety” is finished. When you obtain the hang from it, tanking is not actually more challenging than playing a damage-per-second (DPS) or healer course; it is simply various. As a result of FF14’s (mostly) client, easygoing community, you’ll find a good amount of individuals ready to hold your hand as you master the fundamentals. If you are prepared to simply take center phase, but continue to be only a little afraid to do therefore, listed below are 10 suggestions to allow you to tackle tank anxiety and be one’s heart regarding the celebration.

1. Run Halls regarding the Novice missions

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If you began FF14 being a DPS or healer course, you have forgotten about the Halls regarding the Novice. These singleplayer missions allow you to discover your part giving you real-time directions while you cooperate having a number of non-player figures (NPCs). The Halls regarding the Novice missions for tanking incorporate producing enmity, focusing on enemies from afar, maintaining extra enemies (adds) from celebration people, mitigating harm and much more. 

2. Training with Duty help or Squadrons

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The easiest way to prep your self for multiplayer dungeons is always to take to them in a pressure-free singleplayer structure. Now you can run many dungeons through the base game, A Realm Reborn, plus the very first expansion, Heavensward, having a celebration of NPCs.

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