Everything You Need to Know About Jared Leto


  • For the unversed, Jared Leto or Jared Joseph Leto, who played the role of Jordan Catalano in the 1994 drama My So-Called Life, is often known as Jordan Leto for the character he played. He is not only an actor but also a director, producer, musician, and occasional model. A handbook has been launched by the name of “The Jared Leto Handbook – Everything You need to Know About Jared Leto. It chronicles his life and gives readers a sneak peek into his career and personal life. Readers also get to know about Jared Leto movies in the handbook.
  • If you want to know more about Jared Leto or Jordan Leto, keep reading without stopping.
  • In this article, we will be covering everything you need to know about Jared Leto.

 Jared Leto Age

  • The most commonly asked question about Jordan Leto or Jared Leto is “What is Jared Leto age? Well, if you are also wondering what his age is, here you go. He was born on December 26, 1971, and is therefore 50 years old.

Jared Leto Academy Award

  • Did you know Jordan Leto or Jared Leto received an Academy Award for Dallas Buyers Club, a 2013 movie? Yes, that’s right.

Jared Leto and 30 Seconds to Mars

  • Jordan Leto was the co-founder and the lead of the famous alternative rock band, “30 Seconds to Mars”.

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Jared Leto – Early Life and Career

  • Let us now learn about his personal life. He was brought up by his mother as his parents divorced right after his birth. He was a student of painting at the University of Arts in Philadelphia. He also did a course in filmmaking at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, after which he moved to Los Angeles. Jordan Leto starred as a guest actor on television shows like Camp Wilder, immediately after moving to Los Angeles in 1992. He gained wide recognition and much-deserved fame when he starred as Jordan Catalano in the popular series, My So-Called Life.
  • Let us now talk about Jared Leto movies. The film debut of Jared Leto came in 1995 when he starred in the movie, “How to Make an American Quilt”, though he played a small part in it. Jared Leto starred in the biopic of Steve Prefontaine, an American distance runner. The name of the biopic was Prefontaine which resonated well with the audience. Jordan Leto also starred in “Basil”, a period romance, and in “Urban Legend”, both in 1998. The same year saw him star in “The Thin Red Line”, a war drama. Jordan Leto also starred in the classic movie, “Fight Club” in 1999 as Angel Face. The films which saw him in major roles were Girl, Interrupted, and American Psycho.

Notable Jared Leto Movies and Method Acting

  • Jordan Leto’s role as a heroin addict in the 2000 film, “Requiem for a Dream” showed the audience the extent to which he could go as an actor. In order to prepare for his role, Jordan Leto had lost around 11 Kg and lived like the homeless on the streets. The thrillers that he was a part of were “Panic Room”, “Highway”, “Lord of War”, and “Lonely Hearts”. He gained 27 Kg for the movie Chapter 27 which came out in 2007.

Music Career of Jared Leto

  • After his appearance in the 2009 film, “Mr. Nobody”, he took a break from acting to shift his focus to his music career. Even after returning to movies, Jordan Leto continued with his role as a leader of the band 30 Seconds to Mars and churned successful albums such as Love Lust Faith + Dreams (2013), and America (2018). These albums catapulted him to (rock) stardom.

Jared Leto’s Return to Movies

  • He made a comeback to movies with Dallas Buyers, for which he played the role of a transgender woman and swept everyone off their feet along with a Golden Globe and an Academy Award. Jordan Leto starred as the Joker in the Suicide Squad in 2016 but the movie was a box-office dud. His movies in 2017 and 2018 were Blade Runner 2049 and The Outsider respectively. He portrayed a serial killer in The Little Things and he also starred in House of Gucci, both in 2021.


We hope you know everything about Jared Leto by now. His notable works have been described clearly in the above sections.


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