Everything videogames have taught you about medieval pigs was a lie

Peter Alexander Kerkhof, an assistant teacher of Medieval Studies within University of Leiden inside Netherlands, features a great deal to express exactly how pigs are portrayed in videogames with medieval settings. Our polygonal porkers for the past are way too pudgy, too stumpy, too red, and too nude. At the least that is just what Kerkhof had written within an article the Leiden Medievalists Blog (starts in brand new tab) back August of 2021.

Let’s backup. As people domesticate residing things, they change with time to mirror the features we selectively breed them for. The giant ears of corn we develop into soft drink in America had been bred from crazy maize, which had much less numerous yields. Sweet, adorable small pugs along with their squashed faces and crippling difficulty in breathing are descendants for the noble wolves whom guarded our prehistoric campsites. Some many thanks, huh.

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