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  • The hottest topic of discussion among football fans is Saints vs. Chiefs. Let’s introduce you to these giants in the NFL scene. They are the New Orleans Saints and Kansas City Chiefs. Their matchup makes football fans go crazy. Do they have great players? Yes, they do. Is the competition between them intense? Yes, it is extremely intense and that’s what matters in football.
  • Do you want to know everything about Saints vs. Chiefs? If yes, keep reading this blog post and ensure you read it till the end.
  • In this post, we will be covering everything that you need to know about the famous matchup – Saints vs. Chiefs.

Commonly asked questions about Saints vs. Chiefs

What’s the ticket price for the Saints vs. Chiefs matchup?

Ans. There are various factors that determine the ticket prices on the secondary market. In general, you can get a ticket for just $77. On average, the price of the tickets is $155.

What are the stadiums that host Saints vs. Chiefs matches?

Ans. The excitement of the fans and the intensity of the matches have more importance than the locations of the matches. However, if you talk about the home games of The New Orleans Saints, they take place at Mercedes-Benz Stadium located in New Orleans, LA. As far as the home games of the Kansas City Chiefs are concerned, they take place at Arrowhead Stadium located in Kansas City, MO.

When can you see Saints vs. Chiefs matches?

Ans. There are no upcoming games between the two or Saints vs. Chiefs 2022 games. But, the upcoming events of both the teams are given below:

Kansas City Chiefs

Date DayTime MatchTicket Price
02.01.2022  Sunday             1 p.m.Chiefs at Cincinnati Bengals          From $63
09.01.2022 Sunday2.05 p.m.Chiefs at Denver BroncosFrom $97
To Be Announced (TBA)      TBA  TBA  AFC: Wild Card TBAFrom $105
To Be Announced (TBA)      TBA  TBA  AFC Divisional Round TBAFrom $118
To Be Announced (TBA)      TBA  TBA  AFC Chanmpionship TBA             From $194

As already mentioned, we won’t be able to give you the event details of the Saints vs. Chiefs 2022 games. But, here are the upcoming events of New Orleans Saints:

DateDayTimeMatchTicket Price
27.12.2021Monday7.15 p.m.Miami Dolphins at Saints          From $24
02.01.2022Sunday          12.00 p.m.Carolina Panthers at Saints     From $30
09.01.2022Sunday1.00 p.m.Saints at Atlanta FalconsFrom $64

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Saints vs. Chiefs History

When we are talking about the Saints vs. Chiefs rivalry, we have to talk about Saints vs. Chiefs History. New Orleans Saints and Kansas City Chiefs have clashed against each other 12 times. The latter has won 7 games while the former has won only 5 games.

Here are the details:

DateVisiting TeamHome Team       Result
20.12.2020ChiefsSaints                 Won
23.10.2016Saints                     Chiefs                 Won
23.09.2012Chiefs                     SaintsWon/OT
16.11.2008   SaintsChiefs                 Lost
14.11.2004Chiefs                    SaintsLost
08.09.1991   Saints                  ChiefsLost
08.09.1985Chiefs                      SaintsWon
21.11.1982Chiefs                      SaintsLost
26.09.1976   SaintsChiefsLost
25.09.1972Chiefs                       SaintsWon

Saints Vs. Chiefs Top Players

Top Kansas City Chiefs Players

Patrick Mahomes – He knows his strengths and weaknesses very well.

Tyreek Hill – His speed is mind-blowing but he has also worked a lot on his technique over the years.

Travis Kelce – He has the hunger to be better with every single match that he plays.

Tyrann Mathieu – He is a true professional and he keeps getting better with every match.

Top New Orleans Saints Players –

Alvin Kamara –He made it to the Pro Bowl match.

WR Michael Thomas – He is all set to make a much-awaited return on the field after a sabbatical.

Cam Jordan – He found a place in the Senior Bowl Hall of Fame in June 2021.

Demario Davis – He has earned his second All-Pro honor in a row


  • This is all you need to know about Saints vs. Chiefs. We have discussed in detail the Saints vs. Chiefs history and about the upcoming events of both teams. We hope you now have a clearer idea about the two football giants. We also hope we have been able to transfer the energy and excitement of Saints vs. Chiefs fans into you. All that matters between their matchups are competition and game intensity. It is sure to give you an adrenaline rush that will keep you glued to the game. We expect to see more matches between Saints and Chiefs in the future. Here’s keeping our fingers crossed so that such matches become reality soon.

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