How to Enable Screen Recording On a Chromebook

Today in this post, I will tell you How to Enable Screen recording on a Chromebook. For quite a long time, users have been requesting a method to record their screens on Chromebooks. There are a small bunch of Chrome extensions that do the work quite well yet ask good deals to get to even essential highlights. So it’s encouraging to see Google welcoming a native tool recorder on Chromebook. The element has made it to the beta channel, barely sort of public delivery, and will be generally turned out to all steady users quite soon, so if you need to enable screen recording on a Chromebook and check how the new tool functions, follow the steps below.

Enable Screen Recording On a Chromebook

The native screen recording feature is accessible on the Chrome operating system’s beta channel (88.0.4324.22). If you are on the stable version of Chrome, you can change to the beta channel by going to Settings – > About Chrome operating system – > Additional Details – > Change Channel – > Beta

Presently, re-open the “About Chrome operating system” page again and check for updates. Try not to stress; this interaction will not erase any of your files or programs. With that far removed, how about we presently experience the means. 

1. Open chrome: //flags on the Chrome browser and search for “screen capture test” You can likewise open chrome: //flags/#screen-capture straightforwardly to get to the screen recorder flags. Presently, select “Enabled” starting from the drop menu. 

2. Then, click on “Restart” at the base right corner. 

3. At long last, click on the Quick Settings menu, and here you will locate another “Screen capture” tile. You have effectively enabled screen recording on your Chromebook. 

4. To utilize it, click on the “Screen capture” tile and it will open a base bar menu. Click on the video symbol to change to screen recording. On the right side, pick how you need to record: full-screen, partial, or a functioning window. 

5. At long last, hit the “Record” button, and your Chromebook will begin recording the screen. I didn’t discover any stammer while recording the screen in any of the modes in my utilization. What’s more, the quality was likewise very acceptable. 

6. To stop the recording, click on the stop symbol at the taskbar. The screen recording will be put away in WEBM format and is all around upgraded. The lone missing component I discovered was the absence of microphone support while recording the screen. It very well may be an incredible expansion for individuals who need to do some tutorials with voiceover out of sight. 

7. Alongside screen recording, the new tool likewise carries another instinctive approach to take screen captures on a Chromebook. You can press the “Ctrl + Move + Outline button” to raise the new screen capture mode. I like this new tool because it partially recollects the last screen capture situation, making the work process a lot quicker.

So that is how you can enable screen recording on a Chromebook and use it for your potential benefit. Without a doubt, there are some missing features like screen capture explanation and microphone support, yet it’s better than nothing. Chrome operating system developers see the requirement for this kind of native tool on Chromebooks. The new screen capture has been underway throughout recent months, and the developer adds some last little details like a mute button for screen recording.

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