close up of actress Elle Fanning

After a series of classically Kojima Twitter teasers (starts in brand new tab), the designer has revealed that actress Elle Fanning (starts in brand new tab) (The Neon Demon, Galveston) would be making an look in… something being produced by Kojima Productions.

During the Tokyo Game Show, the designer revealed an internet site plus cryptic tweet, both featuring a graphic of the silhouetted girl and text reading “whom have always been I?” On October 5, Kojima tweeted that “the solution to ‘WHO’ at TGS would be within the next ‘WHERE.'” The “WHERE” under consideration appears to have been PAX East, in which content creator @n4sa discovered a Kojima Productions ad having a QR rule connecting up to a unveil regarding the secret girl as Fanning. Also, in the beginning October 7, Kojima tweeted away a verification that “whom” is Fanning.

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