Elle Fanning Will Star In Hideo Kojima's Next Game

Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions have actually revealed that Elle Fanning (Maleficent, the fantastic, Daddy Day Care) will star into the studio’s next game, which stays unannounced. 

This news uses months of Kojima teasing a face utilizing the terms, “whom have always been I?” in bold white letters. The facial skin ended up being obscured as a result of some neat shadow tricks, but from the comfort of the jump, fans attempted determining whoever face it may be, also it don’t simply take really miss Fanning to end up being the frontrunner. Continual teasing led united states to yesterday, whenever Kojima finally circulated the pictures below, confirming Fanning because the face involved. 

As you can view, Kojima has relocated from “whom have always been I?” to “in which have always been I?” alongside a tease that individuals’ll probably find out more at among the two staying PAX conventions in 2022: Pax Aus (October 7 through October 9) or PAX Unplugged (December 2 through December 4). We will most likely discover the environment with this game featuring Fanning, thinking about the real question is “in which have always been I?” we’d wager it’s someplace in united states, the environment of Death Stranding, because there is a good possibility this unannounced game is Death Stranding 2, one thing star Norman Reedus (whom plays Sam Bridges in Death Stranding) apparently confirmed early in the day this present year. 

Thereis also area in Kojima’s tease for the 3rd concern: “??? -> ??? -> ???” i am guessing this concern will likely be “whenever have always been I?” plus the unveil of its solution will likely be during the Game Awards 2023, hosted and produced by Kojima friend Geoff Keighley, taking place on December 8. Are you aware that response to “whenever have always been I?” i believe maybe it’s a meta concern, discussing whenever game will launch or maybe it’s regarding the schedule for the tale of Death Stranding 2. whenever into the Death Stranding world performs this sequel occur? Immediately after the conclusion of Death Stranding or at some point later on? We’d wager it will take spot years later on, with Fanning playing a grown-up form of Lou, the child from Death Stranding. 

For now, all we now have are these cryptic teases and our reasoning caps but we will ideally find out more at the next PAX occasion and/or Game Awards 2023. Meanwhile, read Game Informer’s Death Stranding review.

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