Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising review: a flat prequel to next year's Suikoden successor Hundred Heroes

Eiyuden Chronicle: increasing actually tiny strange one. Initially conceived as Kickstarter stretch objective for Eiyuden Chronicle: hundred or so Heroes, the following JRPG from Suikoden creator Yoshitaka Murayama, this smaller, more action-focused RPG is now both the state prequel to hundred or so Heroes plus form of intermediate stop-gap made to tide players over before primary occasion the following year. Emphasizing the trunk tales of merely a couple of the titular hundred you’re going to be fulfilling in Rabbit & Bear Studios’ religious successor to Suikoden (the initial which memorably possessed a whopping 108 recruitable celebration people), increasing gets the atmosphere of very nearly necessary reading for players wanting to come back to the luxurious, retro globes Murayama built their title on.

Just this is simply not being created by Murayama therefore the remainder of their previous Suikoden team at Rabbit & Bear. It is Natsume Atari that have lead payment right here, with Murayama running in a supervisory part while development on hundred or so Heroes continues. In addition does not have such a thing in keeping with all the JRPG series that Eiyuden Chronicle proper is intended become doffing its limit to, swapping Suikoden’s turn-based battles for real-time monster biffing, 2D dungeon crawling plus hefty increased exposure of gathering your hub city by doing ream upon ream of sidequests. We’d also get so far as saying increasing is more sidequest than primary quest that being said, particularly in its very early hours, therefore the outcome actually game that falls into a similar pitfalls that i will be Setsuna and thus a great many other ‘modern classic’ JRPGs have inked before it. Specifically, it resurrects just what needs to have been kept dead and hidden, and adds absolutely nothing of a unique to help keep things interesting, rendering it feel similar to a relic of the bygone age than hot, fuzzy nostalgia play.

We’d possibly feel more large toward increasing if it were not for the blasted stamp card. In-game, this functions as your solution in to the mystical nearby Barrows, a labyrinth of underground tunnels and treasure troves that adventurers flock to from throughout the globe to make their fortunes. Heroine CJ is certainly one such scavenger hoping making it big in brand new Nevaeh, but ahead of the city’s weirdly tax-obsessed (and most likely key Tory) acting mayor Isha will give the woman entry for them, she must show the woman worth by gathering stamps. And also to gather stated stamps, CJ must perform all types of busy work fond of the lady by the area townsfolk. Or in other words, the stamp card actually glorified sidequest countertop, assuming the 30 blank spots on your own initial ‘silver’ card cannot hit fear inside heart, hold back until you are given the 50 checkmarks that accompany your particular silver and platinum cards.

We kid you perhaps not, the initial ‘main’ quest with this game is to look for somebody’s pet. Then it is fetching a lady’s dad through the next road over, then chopping some lumber into the woodland. Sooner or later you are permitted to fight a employer (a tree, for yet more lumber), but it is quickly back again to gathering rocks, mining some ore, and collecting mushrooms and the like. Onto it complements all types of synthetic hurdles tossed inside way to stop you from checking out anywhere you are not designed to get as of this time, therefore the constant backwards and forwards involving the city, woodland and my own gets tiresome quickly.

A young girl runs through a watery cavern in Eiyuden Chronicle Rising

Thereis no doubting Rising’s handsome presentation, however the number of back-tracking you need to do could make you ill towards straight back teeth from it.

It requires a number of years before increasing actually enables you to from the leash to explore the Barrows at your leisure, when the primary tale does finally start working, any final staying shreds of good could have been already crushed to dirt by its overwhelming tedium. Also fighting its monsters doesn’t motivate much excitement. Not just will they be therefore toothless and ineffectual that many is sent by mashing an individual switch, however the resource-driven economy of its different stores and tool improvements additionally causes it to be ludicrously simple to get prior to the bend, switching you into an unstoppable powerhouse that minces every thing within their course with only several hits. We passed away correctly as soon as inside my time with Eiyuden Chronicle: increasing, which is at the start of the overall game once I don’t have the ability to chug a potion over time whenever fighting that aforementioned tree employer. Ever since then, this has been a complete cakewalk.

In its defence, there is a solitary, glimmering nugget can be found in its rote combat system, and that is its Link Attacks. Together with your three primary figures’ assaults mapped to X, Y and B on your own game pad, switching between these during the right time will start a supercharged group assault that slows time for mega hit points. The greater you develop your city, the bigger the amount of Link assaults it is possible to perform all at once, too, providing you some, albeit tenuous, incentive to continue with those interminable sidequests. But this too falls target towards game’s bad feeling of pacing. Just what should feel a dramatic combination assault simply turns into a quicker method of killing down numerous enemies simultaneously if you are therefore overpowered, robbing it of effect in its more scripted battle arenas.

A young girl fights a giant lava snake in Eiyuden Chronicle rising

Some of increasing’s employer battles do have an extraordinary feeling of scale for them, nonetheless they’re over very nearly when they start.

Despite this, however, i’dn’t state increasing has killed down my fascination with Eiyuden Chronicle totally. Certainly, element of me personally (but tiny) continues to be looking towards seeing just what Murayama has waiting for you with hundred or so Heroes with regards to comes the following year, specially when its gorgeous art way appears set to provide also Square Enix’s luscious HD-2D games like Octopath Traveler a genuine run due to their cash.

In the meantime, though, increasing is certainly perhaps not the necessary must-play you will need to take in ahead of time. In the end, we do not even understand just what part CJ, Isha and walking speaking kangaroo Garoo (yes, actually) will play in hundred or so Heroes yet, aside from whether or not they’ll be interesting sufficient to justify investing in a entire prequel game for (as well as on the effectiveness of this present proof, probably perhaps not). As an alternative, We’d wait to see just what their deal is in hundred or so Heroes before bothering with this specific one, and just then if you should be actually eager for some switch-off-brain switch mashing fan solution. It will have the added good thing about being on Game Pass if you should be really interested, although whether it’ll nevertheless be right here as soon as hundred or so Heroes arrives keeps become seen. Nevertheless, even as we talked about at the start of this review, there are many things in life which can be simply best off forgotten.

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