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Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer – Solstice of Heroes

If you’re thinking about what Bungie is drawing together for Destiny 2 this Season, you’ll be surprised to know that the Solstice of Heroes is back! As an adventure, it’s a two-fold experience that is a triumph of the players and all that they have missed while also being essentially a highly rewarding “boss run”.

Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes Release Date

Destiny’s newest event begins on July 6th. You can watch the Solstice of Heroes trailer right here to see some of what you can presume to see.

This event formally ends on August 3rd, so make sure to get everything done nice and early to dodge missing out on any goodies.

What Is the Solstice of Heroes Event?

Solstice of Heroes has players take a role in hunts using particular elements to earn themselves some nice freakish rewards. It’s an amazing way of getting your hands on unique weapons and different gear.

According to the formal press release: “Every day of the month-long event will be allotted an element. Guardians will be required to match their attacks with the everyday element to charge one of four different elemental buffs. On Prism days, Guardians can charge all four buffs, but can only stimulate one at a time.

Destiny 2 overview

Armor, Weapons, & Rewards

In extension to the upgradable class-specific Solstice armor, this year’s Solstice of Heroes offers a new Legendary Shotgun, Exotic Ghost Shell, emblem, and Solstice Packages packed with goodies.

Eververse gives up glowing universal ornaments for Silver or Bright Dust, which resembled the Guardian’s equipped subclass. New ships, Sparrows, and cosmetics will also be up for selection!”

Destiny 2: How To Take The Compass Rose Shotgun

You can obtain your first Compass Rose through the event’s first quest, but you’ll win fresh rolls through Solstice packages.

You’ll be required to get Solstice Key Fragments to open Solstice Packages.

These can include armor, materials, weapons, and rerolls of the Compass Rose’s perks, so it’s not a guaranteed drop.

Those key fragments are pretty easy to come by, requiring players to kill minibosses in the EAZ (European Aerial Zone), and then hunt down treasure chests in the area once you’ve slain the main boss.

Eva is also offering a series of bounties, with Key Fragments as a bonus, but you should gain a few just by playing.

Destiny 2: Compass Rose Shotgun Stats and God Roll

Following are the Compass Rose’s stats:

  • Impact: 70
  • Range: 66
  • Stability: 47
  • Reload Speed: 53
  • Handling: 42
  • Zoom: 12
  • Inventory Size: 45
  • Aim Assistance: 73
  • Recoil Direction: 75
  • RPM: 65
  • Magazine: 5

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