Delete Your Facebook Posts all at once

It is safe to say that this is the era of Social 

Media and Internet. Almost everyone nowadays fancies connecting over social media. Over the years many Social sites have left their mark in people’s life. One after the other, each one offers a slightly different approach and features than the others. Instagram, Facebook, Gmails just to name a few. 

With more than one billion users as of 2013, Facebook has been the world’s most popular social network, with about half of those using it every day. Consumers will communicate with one another and send private messages to one another. The Like icon, which can be seen on many such websites, enables consumers to designate their support of content on Facebook.

How to Bulk Delete Posts on Facebook 

Over the years Facebook actively rolled out many updates to not only improve their user’s experience but to add many features to the platform to make it better altogether. In their recent update, they introduced to us a tremendous feature. To make it easier to find and remove Facebook messages, the company has recently added the ability to filter and bulk delete or archive all of the posts in the “Activity Log.” If you don’t want to completely uninstall your Facebook account but want to tidy it up without spending hours on it, this is a decent option.

Banking on the fact you are an active user Here is how to Bulk delete posts with android or iOS-

  • Not to be obvious but firstly you need to get the app on your device. If you haven’t already, download the Facebook app from the Google Play or Apple App Store because the bulk delete posts option does not work if you access your account via a browser.

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  • Right after logging into your account from the app, Visit the ‘Activity Log’ section. If you can’t see the alternative at the end, look to the side of the profile page for three dots. The Activity Log opportunity can be located by hitting the three dots key. It should be tapped.


  • Now, look for the option “Your post”. When you click on ‘Your Links,’ a long list of posts that you have posted will appear. Once you’ve filtered through all of the messages, start removing the ones you don’t want from your account. You can classify them by name, date, and other categories.


  • These posts can be deleted permanently or archived as well. The Facebook posts you save will not be automatically erased from your site; you will still be able to access them, but any profiles visiting your account will not be able to see them. These posts can even be thrown out in the recycling bin.


Conclusion: As you can see, you don’t need to be a tech wizard to solve this minor problem. Be sure you double-check all posts you delete because you will not be able to recover them until it’s too late.


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