Fatshark’s co-op Ogryn celebration simulator Warhammer 40,000: Darktide has been in preorder beta for slightly below every week, and in that point gamers have been mentioning numerous points. Chief amongst these points: crashes. Whereas I have been fortunate sufficient to solely have Darktide crash on me twice, loads of others have discovered it to be much less steady. 

The patch notes (opens in new tab) for model 1.0.7 determine six several types of crashes which have now been purged: matchmaking crashes, cutscene alt-tabbing crashes, falling-out-of-bounds crashes, crashes brought on by beginning a mission with a selected feat geared up, crashes brought on by sure weapon traits, and a number of crashes brought on by the Beast of Nurgle. As if we did not have sufficient causes to hate Beasts of Nurgle already.

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