Corsair's super slim K100 Air is the best looking keyboard of the year

i am perhaps not frequently someone to state may be, but hot damn, Corsair simply dropped among the hottest searching ultra-thin keyboards I ever seen. The K100 Air (starts in brand new tab) ended up being simply established and it is an attractive searching little bit of kit having a brushed aluminium framework and ultra low profile tips. This may end up being the many fashionable keyboard we come across released all 12 months, therefore appears like it will suit your purposes for Computer video gaming and typing.

This keyboard appears therefore low profile so it would effortlessly be in the home on any desk and put in a layer of course. Corsair boasts the K100 Air is 11mm dense at its thinnest point, additionally the tips hardly seem to get greater than that inside pictures. This along with that cool brushed steel finish and steel grey tips means this keyboard appears super slick, additionally the specifications are similarly good.

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