Carnegie, Ark Nova, and Cascadia Win IGA 2022 | BoardGameGeek News

From gallery of W Eric Martin

The champions of this Global Gamers prizes happen established:

• Multiplayer — Carnegie, by Xavier Georges and Quined Games
• Two-player — Ark Nova, by Mathias Wigge and Feuerland Spiele
• Solo — Cascadia, by Randy Flynn and Flatout Games

The IGA committee is made up of gamers from across the world, including BGG owner Scott Alden and yours really, although i actually do maybe not vote.

The information on the nomination procedure and also the voting always figure out the champions is detail by detail regarding IGA internet site, and it’s really a really gamey procedure that If only more governments would follow so voters could better show their desires on ballot package.

Anyway, congratulations towards champions, who can get their prizes at SPIEL ’22 in October!

Board Game: Carnegie
Board Game: Ark Nova
Board Game: Cascadia

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