The treat food/drink tie-in actually sacred videogame organization, with a few collabs like hill Dew Game Fuel (starts in brand new tab)‘s relationship with Halo 3 becoming generational touchstones. So, since the globe welcomed another Call of Duty the other day, additionally welcomed another branded form teams, that one between contemporary Warfare 2 and Jack Link’s Beef Jerky. Regrettably, some ne’er do wells are using the preserved meat purveyor’s guileless keeping its contemporary Warfare 2 promo codes (starts in brand new tab) for each case.

The CoD influencer Modern Warzone (starts in brand new tab), in addition to a amount of Reddit users (credit to bizkic (starts in brand new tab), AngryWarBear (starts in brand new tab), and DesertShot (starts in brand new tab)) all report with dismay that their neighborhood shops were pillaged of the guaranteed XP boosts. The especially marked jerky bags exist, however the codes, connected by having a sticker to your not in the case, were swiped by bad actors. 

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