Meta’s Quest 2 VR gets some competition in the shape of the Pico 4, a lightweight VR headset the business is calling “its most useful yet.” The lighter, thinner cordless headset is displaying good horsepower and contains currently nabbed a special game launch from Ubisoft. Unfortuitously, United States VR enthusiasts may need to wait a little for their practical one of these brilliant headsets. 

The Pico 4 (starts in brand new tab) is running on a 2.84Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Central Processing Unit and activities a 4K quality display by having a refresh price around 90Hz for a set of 2.56 LCD displays. It comes down by having a set of controllers and can introduce in what they have been calling a “diverse and comprehensive” collection of games and computer software. 

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