Bungie responds to player complaints over weapon crafting grind

The latest recently at Bungie (starts in brand new tab) post grapples with one of many Destiny 2 community’s hottest subjects: Weapon crafting. Especially, the total amount thereof. For the inveterate Destiny addict such as for instance myself, the addition of crafting has become a web excellent, allowing me personally to create a great toolbox, painstakingly curated with improved variations for the precise perks i would like. At a lower price committed (some might state saner) players, the entire process of searching for crafting habits after which leveling up the tools is time intensive and tiresome. 

So a great deal to make certain that i believe the present increased exposure of acquiring patterns—for that you’ve to locate numerous unusual ‘red package’ falls of the identical gun—has become Destiny 2’s core regular cycle, and never positively. Frustration with that procedure is playing to the present complaints in regards to the regular model having become too samey. Also i am ready to acknowledge that dumping hours to the Shuro Chi raid encounter because oahu is the most effective option to farm trash mobs for weapon-level progress isn’t the hallmark of a healthy and balanced system.

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