How to blur your home from Google Maps

Somehow you can’t exclude your home address from Google Maps but you can blur your home in Google Maps. So users can’t see your property.

google maps is an excellent resource for trip planning or gathering more information. about an area, their street view features allow you to see businesses and homes without ever having to physically visit.

However, some of the in-depth views this feature provides could negatively affect your home security. Some of their disgusting intentions can collect a good deal of information with access to many angles for outsiders at home.

The good news is that Google will blur your home from the street view, you just need to ask to start the process up to your Home Street View. Click on the lower right part of the screen and labeled the screen within the Google Map. A problem from there will be taken to a report screen where you will be able to highlight the area.

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How to blur your property :

  • Type your address in the Google Maps search box
  • Bring a view of your property address and click an image which is to hide from your google maps.
  • Take a look at the bottom right corner of the screen, you should see an icon labeled: “Report a problem.”
  • Click “Report a problem.”
  • Adjust the image so your house is inside the red box.
  • Fill out the form

  • You’ll find an “offensive, legal issue, privacy concern, poor quality, not a photo of the place, or other” option are required you will choose only any of the one option.
  • And write the reason in the square box.
  • Address required on this form so fill the email address.
  • Click on the verification recaptcha code box and solve the puzzle.
  • And click on the submit button.

After a few days, see whether the image is blurred or not.

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