Dragonflight systems overhaul

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is under 8 weeks away and certainly will see united states venturing towards mystical Dragon Isles the very first time. Just like any brand new expansion, there are numerous exciting brand new features to check ahead to including Drackthyr evokers (starts in brand new tab), the newest course and competition combination, in addition to a brand new solution to decide to try the skies with dragonriding (starts in brand new tab). But since exciting as those brand new improvements are, a number of the biggest updates bring significant modifications to both course skill system plus the method we see the planet of Azeroth utilizing the UI overhaul and its particular many accessibility features.

With that at heart, we sat straight down with Brian Holinka (Lead eliminate techniques Designer) and Crash Reed (Lead UX Designer) from Blizzard to go over the top modifications visiting wow’s future expansion.

Class skill woods 

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