An entity emerges from the black hole.

In July 2021, Blaseball had been sucked in to a black colored opening. This is the finish of Blaseball’s 2nd era—Expansion—a story of extra; of gods and finance and increasingly complex mechanics stacking over one another to create one thing ridiculous. Now, finally, Blaseball’s 3rd age is along the way. First, however, the world has to reconstruct it self.

In some methods, that which we’re doing is certainly much a reboot of Blaseball.

Joel Clark

Today, Blaseball launches Fall Ball (starts in brand new tab), a prologue towards the brand new age. “we are dropping players from the black colored opening, onto groups,” claims imaginative manager Sam Rosenthal. “and this actually solution to witness the reforming and delivery of the brand new Blaseball world.” The countdown that is presently go on your website is ticking down seriously to initial player fall. With regards to concludes, some body from Blaseball’s roster will emerge and secure arbitrarily onto their brand new group.

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