A shot of Beyond Good and Evil 2 showing an anthropomorphic pig man

The 15-year journey of Past Good and Evil 2 has wearily passed away another milestone: this has been in development also much longer than Duke Nukem Forever, the overall game which nevertheless holds (however presumably perhaps not for very long) the Guinness World Record for “Longest development duration for the videogame”.

Well, really, BG&E2 formally crossed that limit in regards to a hundred times ago, it is simply taken all of us this long to see. Since initially described by Gamesbusiness.biz editor Brendan Sinclair (starts in brand new tab), the painful labour that brought united states Duke Nukem Forever lasted 5,156 times. BG&E 2’s very first trailer (starts in brand new tab) arrived on the scene may 30, 2008: 5,239 times ago. Heck, the overall game had recently been in development for the 12 months whenever that trailer dropped, therefore it is really been also longer.

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