Bethesda finally confirms it: Deathloop is a Dishonored game

Almost soon after the production of Deathloop (starts in brand new tab) in 2021, fans started theorizing so it might in some way get in touch to Dishonored (starts in brand new tab), Arkane’s past game show. Both games are particularly various in lots of ways, but you will find many provided elements too, some overt as well as others quite subdued. Today, Deathloop innovative manager Dinga Bakaba managed to get formal during an Xbox podcast: Deathloop is “one of futures of Dishonored globe.”

Some of similarities between Deathloop and Dishonored are impractical to miss, such as the supernatural abilities as well as the architectural design of Updaam. But you will find less apparent items of connective muscle, too: This Reddit (starts in brand new tab) post from September 2021 is a great exemplory case of some very early analysis of two games that places them together along a rather constant and convincing schedule.

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