Best Web Hosting For Wordpress


There is an infinite number of WordPress hosting providers. It’s quite challenging to choose from all these companies. So, I am to give you some “WordPress hosting comparison,”  Which in return help you in finding “ Best web hosting for WordPress.” 

Each web hosting is different in their way some demand higher price or premium, whereas some are low prices. You are going to find out many differences in individual wordpress. This article may help you in selecting your required word press. 


WP Engine is a V.I.P. wordpress hosting. Using an engine causes no inconvenience instead offers fast and hefty server. W.P. Engine is the answer to those who want to avoid technical problems. Besides their range packages, you can access to a very high performing host that has a stellar support team and high security. 

Brands like H.T.C.,  Four Square Sound, Cloud Balsanta, and many other companies use W.P. Engine. Though W.P. engine missing some features like email and them, don’t allow the use of wordpress plugins. 

The advantages of the W.P. engine are: –

Hacker proof

Automatic security updates

A secure one-click daily backups and restore process no matter which plans you choose. 

Automatic catching 

A top tier security

A site staging to view site changes. 


An official wordpress hosting provider which is vastly populated and is a high ranking hosting provider in wordpress community. There are four wordpress recommended hosts. Site Ground is one of them. 

The benefits of this provider are: –

Blazing fast server

Top notch wordpress security

Premium 24/7 expert wordpress support

Automatic wordpress updates so your site will be running the latest version of wordpress

Free backups

Amazing developer tools for example  – version control, click staging

Offers multiple data center U.S.A. USA, Europe, and Asia. 

It is a one-click wordpress installer and easy to use. 

It also has free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt. 

A wordpress staging area so you can view website change before they go live. 


Commenced in 1996, this web hosting has become the oldest among others.  When it comes to hosting wordpress, Blue Host is the largest brand in the market. It is a company who created their own VPN based architecture to deliver first-wordpress performance. 

Moreover, it gives a 30 days money back guarantee. It is one of the four official hosting providers recommended by wordpress. 

Baseline start-up plan is $ 2.95 per month for the first term it offers: – 

No worries about your website being slow even when in traffic

24/7 expert support when needed by phemaile-mail or live chat. 

I am offering Web beginners 50% discount,  a free domain, S.S.Lee SSL. 

Freedom to do just more than wordpress. 

The new blue host accounts will get a free service called blue spark, which is designed to help newcomers in recovering everything related to wordpress. 

An ability to manage multiple sites with the help of Manage WP

An additional plan of $5.45 includes: – 

Unlimited website and website spacing. 

Protection against spam by C.D.N.Free W.P.N and WP staging environment. 

Moreover, in $ 19.95 – 

The blue host has organized a managed hosting solution called pro WordPress. 


The liquid web has become the leading host in the market for managed VPS hosting,  managed cloud hosting, and dedicated server hosting. It has a very high performance and offers in-depth developing tools. You can find many features in this web hosting like easy to use site management tools and rock solid security. The liquid web is used by renowned companies like Motorola, Red Bull, ESPN, Audi, and Fed-ex.

The benefits of this web provider are: –

Fast and provide high-quality support

A Hasselhoff free hosting

Automatic site backups. 

Intrusive dashboard for managing your website in one place

Plenty of alternatives for scaling and growing your business. 

A bun S.S.L.d free SSL certificate. 

Regular site maintenance

Automated updates to the wordpress cores and plugins. 


It has only been around for 18 years but has already earned its name. It is known for making web hostage easy. The best part of using dream host is that their server grows along with your website.  They have another packaged name “dream press “ starting from $ 16.95 per month. 

You can start a wordpress package, which is $2.59 per month and save money.

Advantage of this is: – 

No setup fees and free domain

Super fast managed wordpress hosting service

Each plan includes a custom control panel,  free SSL and SSD storage

Suitable for all budget. 

You will be helped out to traffic surges with the help of the easily scalable server. 

In case of hacking, only Real-time malware can scan and fix the website

Quick support for e-commerce store owners and woo commerce integration

Cloud server technology, which makes server stack, in easily scalable. 

A experienced, responsive support team is always behind your site, ready to lend a hand. 


Many word hosts cost high price and premium, whereas this UK based host provides a very fair cost and focus on delivering the core wordpress essentials. It gives you a 90 days money back guarantee. 

The advantages of this host are: –

You can avail a free domain name with the baseline start-up plan. 

Migration of existing site to this site

Let’s Encrypt SSL support is included. 

No limitation on bandwidth. 

24/7emailport via email phone, e-mail, and live chat. 

Daily automated backups and restoration of the last 30 days with just a click. 

All this cost $4.15 per month annually or $3.8 for two years upfront. You can even start your business plan in $11.5 monthly which wilG.B.give you 50 GB storage and 100 * 1GB mailbox and up to 50,000 views. 


It offers six-wordpress plans, which cover everything, starting from a small personal blog to a reseller and big business. It is trustworthy, highly professional, and authentic. They offer the most popularC.M.S.ooming and CMS software like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal and is not artificially limited. 

There are a few advantages to this provider. 

6.99$ monthly cost includes: –

C panel site management

Unlimiemailwidth and e-mail addresses

Site lock security

The plan work best for a blog with up to 20000 monthly visits. 

Pre-installedS.S.L.rd press and SSL

Automatic updates and backup


Web giant 1&1 Jonas host almost every product and that doesn’t exclude wordpress. It has built a capable platform NGINX, OPcache, PHP 7-2 – for enhancing your blog performance. Beginners can try it for a month in $1. 

The advantages of this web hosting are:-

Unlimited storage

No bandwidth or email or can set email unlimited email account. 

Offers features, such as set up wizard, preinstalled plugins, and automatic updates. 

24/7 support (including telephone) 

Get a personal consultant free of charge. 

Get an S.S.Le domain and SSL. 

Additional features include a CDN and site lock Malware scanning besides Rail gun content delivery network. 


It delivers a great hosting plan and that also at a fair price. If no special requirement then you opt for this mid-range hosting web. Moreover, if you are not satisfied, then this web offers 45 days money back guarantee. 

The benefits are: – 

Free site migration

Automatic emails detection mail

Unlimited email address 

Unmetered storage and bandwidth

24/7 support help keeps your site up and running

Surprise bonus feature include free domain privacy to protect from identity theft and reduce annoying spam

Ramping up with a high business planC.P.U.n get you more CPU power

Get support from three sites

Get smaC.D.N.catching and a CDN to enhance your website. 


A trustworthy wordpress host who is stable, reliable. Its greatest strength is customer support and helps its customers to get multiple viewers.  

The benefits you can get by this web hosting are: –

Can get help from the support team to help set up your server and migrate your sites. 

24/7emailort via call,  email oS.S.L.ext. 

Offers free SSL certificate. 

Activate robust features to your wordpress site with this all in one premium plugin. 

Effortlessly move the site need to the pressable platform using new automated migration plugin

Fast site scaling when traffic needs increases. 

Ongoing site optimization for ensuring peak performance. 

Regular website backup is automatic and happens at night.


Choosing a wordpress can create many complications in our mind.  I have named some best word news hosting now it’s your turn to choose.  So, choose wisely. You should opt for a reliable web hosting company if you don’t have any special requirement.

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