Best SSD Hosting 2021

Best SSD Hosting basically stands for Solid-state drive. It is the latest and most upgraded version of hard drives which are available in the market. These are profoundly used in maximum desktops and laptops or higher version. 

These SSDs are massively used in hosting industries and it greatly helps to store a large amount of data perfectly. If you have been using your authentic method to store the data in spite of SDD hosting then you’ll need to know and discover advantages of SSD hosting. It literally increases the speed by 2 times and makes your experience much better than before.

What are the basic differences between SSD Hosting and your authentic hard drive?

Obviously, if you are not a tech person then you would definitely not understand the proper uses and advantages of SSD over the authentic hard devices. SSDs are no doubt a huge advantage in the field of data storage technology which definitely results in a better and more effective hosting of your website. 

Some of the differences in SSD hosting and authentic hard drives are that it SSD has an integrated circuitry whereas normal hard disk has a mechanical arm. Secondly, unlike normal hard disks, SDD doesn’t have any moving parts which make it more accessible to store more information electronically. 

The work efficiency is no doubt faster than that of normal Hard disks. Then, the average time until its failure in SDD is approximately 2 million hours whereas the hard disk has approximately 1.5 million hours.

Why you need the Hosting over normal hard disks?

We all know, even as a user also we can feel that search engine optimization is the most important thing of every website. And to have a fast optimization speed you need to have the best hosting service that can make Google work super-fast and happening. Obviously, it’s a fact that a slow hosting service will stop you from searching for anything speedily. 

So you need to have the best SSD hosting service. Again for a good website, it is the biggest requirement of a website because a slow speed of a website after a good internet can annoy a customer for sure and due to this slow speed of the site, they’ll definitely leave the site. 

It just needs to have a good and best SDD hosting to speed up the performance of the website. Then after your updating of the website also, you will enjoy to search and surf around the site also. 

Now we are going to discuss some of the benefits over normal hard drive which can optimize the performance of the website:

  • Lowers the charges of failure( even more than the life of a person)
  • It helps your website to make it super fast and speedy.
  • If your site has a huge database and it needs to store all the stuff correctly than SSD is very important for your site.
  • Also, increase the level of data protection of such a huge database.
  • It does not require any data fragmentation in the database.

So these were very beneficial points related to SSD that will assure you that you are investing your money in a very good and database friendly thing.

Now we are going to list some of the best SSD providers that will make your website works super smooth and efficiently.


it is the most affordable and budget-friendly SSD that has 10 GB of huge storage, it is super friendly to use as it is very easy to operate, all the SSD need to be updated regularly and for this SSD provider, it always stood up and always stays ahead of its competitors in updating their software. They have a super upgraded technology called NGIX technology which is known to have speedy delivery of the content in SSD. It comes up with all upgraded version without any increase in the charges. It has a very active customer service and they are active towards every reaction of the customers.


The best thing about this SSD is that it has unlimited storage also it is super friendly to all its user and if you have any complaints related to the provider you can get a refund anytime during your lifetime. They are so confident with their SSD providers that it doesn’t need to have any further development in it. It is 20x speed than that of any of the competitor which makes it more likable to all the user out there. They also have a super active team which can solve any problem of customers related to the SSD. You can get an exclusive coupon code that can make you eligible for availing more discounts.

InMotion Hosting

It also has unlimited storage and bandwidth is unlimited which is superb for any SSD provider. It has a 90 days return policy. Also with its growing popularity, the company has designed some plans that are very useful to WordPress users. So SSD hosting WordPress can be done easily by this SSD provider. Gmail, Google Drive, Docs are very important parts of any Website or any file so it can easily incorporate such things within itself so that your experience much more speed and upgrade version of the SSD provider. Also, you can link in all the information with your hosting account.  


As the name is suggesting the GreenGeeks are environment-friendly which has unlimited storage of data. This SSD provider has all the necessary things which are beneficial for all the need of the website for the present as well as for the future also. It has a 30 days refund policy for any policy in the SSD provider. You can ask how this provider becomes eco-friendly, actually they use all the renewable resources like solar energy, wind or tidal energy will help in storing the power for the server. Another best thing you get in this is that you can get all the updates without any hike of price during the update.  If you are investing in SSD provider then it should be worth spending. So get this SSD provider so that you won’t regret dealing with this SSD provider.


It has limited storage of 20 GB but it doesn’t mean that its performances are getting hampered anyway. Media Temple was established in the year 1998 and soon within a few years, it got recognition and also become a WordPress favorite also. Media Temple has great customers such as Samsung, Obey. They are super multi-tasking it helps in managing, sharing many Cloud SSD also. So it turns out to be one of the best SSD Cloud hosting provider. It has a refund policy of 30 days that is great for the use of a few years. Actually, the customer service is very good because it solves every possible query of every customer. The only demerit with this is the high rates. It has a high rate as compared to that of normal hosting providers.


It has unlimited storage and also unlimited Bandwidth that is superb quality. But the reviews are fair for sure. Alike, MediaTemple it also serves their services with a bit high price. But, the high rate doesn’t go to drain at all. It is truly worthy of the price because it performs superbly with an increase in the speed of the site. It is also friendly to all types of hosting such as WordPress as well as Cloud hosting. The only demerit is that they do not connect with their customers through phone but their chatting service is super fast and quick. You can get your answer to every query within 5 minutes. It has a return policy of around 97 days which is pretty good in altogether. 


It is super friendly to its customers that why they have rated well and also they have unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth also. We can consider this investment as a hassle-free investment because it has 90 days refund policy. Till 90 days you can get all the pros and cones related to the SSD providers if any. If you are experimenting and want to strengthen your knowledge related to website and also wanted to create your own powerful website then it is the best thing you can try with. It has pre-defined designs that can make your work easy. It has a very fantastic speed which means that the page load time is very quick. Viewers can open your website within a few milliseconds.  

We have discussed all the top rated SSD service providers that can make your Website work powerfully and smoothly. Now let’s just take a look upon some of the types of unlimited SSD hosting:

WordPress SSD hosting

if you are a blogger, either a normal blogger or a video blogger you need to have the best SSD hosting that can stay you updated all the time and it can be beneficial to all the blogger. For smooth blogging and update of your website, you need to have WordPress SSD Hosting that can make your blogging experience much more smooth. One of the annoying things is also there which includes ads which means if you are streaming your blog then it will contain ads for sure. On average, WordPress has a bit costly and it pays off for the price as well. You just need to have a WordPress-compatible SSD hosting that can make your website work properly and smoothly.

VPS SSD Hosting

VPS hosting or Virtual Private Server Hosting is very beneficial and useful to those who are going to maintain a small online business. So you need to have SSD VPS hosting because it creates a bridge between dedicated and shared hosting. It uses flash memory to store data which definitely improves the performance of the server greatly. Again you need to choose an SSD provider that has compatibility with that of VPS SSD Hosting. If you have a good marketing strategy, good content then you need to have this hosting that can make your website performance better and effective.

Cloud SSD Hosting

it is yet another marvelous hosting type that can increase the performance of the server greatly. They basically consider themselves budget-friendly hosting because they are truly very low in price. Some of the benefits you can get in Cloud SSD Hosting are listed below: 

  • It is approx 20x faster than that of any standard options. 
  • Highly performable SSD hosting type 
  • Itself Cloud Remote backup service which can make it user-friendly.
  • Superb active customer service for phone, live chats.
  • Up to 480 GB SSD storage which is brilliant for any hosting.

Now let’s just discuss the need for such Hosting :

  • A brilliant alternative: it proves to be a great alternative for those who are still using the normal hard drive but want to upgrade their website. Upgradation of the website is impossible without using the SSD hosting. 
  • It has a guarantee as well as refund policy: nearly every company and every type of SSD hosting are refundable which assure that it is truly reliable and trustworthy for sure.
  • Highly storable: the most important thing by opting the SSD hosting is that it provides huge storage of database which is the most important thing when you set up a site
  • Wide range of service: it not only increase the storage capacity, but all the SSD hosting providers and type ensures that they become a multitasker for their user. Increasing the storage capacity as well as increasing the loading speed of the website is also within the service of an SSD Hosting.
  • 24×7 customer service: the next important thing is giving your user a 24×7 customer service so that they can ask you any question related to the SSD hosting. This will make them set up a good and powerful website nicely. 

So these were some of the beneficial topics and points which you need to know if you are going to upgrade your normal hard drive to an SSD. We hope that this will be beneficial to you in knowing about the SSDs available in the market. 

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