Best Marketplaces where you can transact NFTs


  • The popularity of NFTs has reached the sky in a short period and the sales of a few NFTs have even hit millions. What is an NFT? An NFT is a unique digital asset that is supported by blockchain and cannot be traded or exchanged for another NFT. An NFT can represent items that exist in the real world such as music, videos, art, and GIFs, among others.
  • Are you planning to buy or sell NFTs? Are you wondering about the marketplaces where you can do the same? If you are thinking of answering “Yes” to both the above questions, keep reading this blog post.
  • In this post, we will be covering the best Marketplaces where you can transact NFTs. So, shall we start?

Table of Best MarketPlaces where you can transact NFTs

NFTs MarketPlacesJoin to that NFTs MarketPlaces
OpenseaNFTs Opensea
Nifty Gateway NFTs Nifty Gateway
Rarible NFTs Rarible
Foundation NFTs Foundation
AtomicMarket NFTs AtomicMarket
Mintable NFTs Mintable
KnownOrigin NFTs KnownOrigin
List of Best MarketPlaces of NFTs

List of the Best Marketplaces where you can transact NFTs

Here’s the list:

1) Opensea

  • Opensea saw the light of the day back in 2017 and as per the claims that it has made, it is the largest marketplace for buying and selling NFTs. It is a marketplace for digital products that are owned by users. The number of users that it has is 113,000, the number of NFTs it has is 15.5 million, and its trade volume is a whopping $354 million. The NFTs on Opensea include art, domain names, virtual worlds, collectibles, and many more. You can also buy and sell exclusive digital assets like Axies and Decentraland, among others.

2) Nifty Gateway

  • Nifty Gateway is also one of the best marketplaces where you can transact NFTs because it has the highest volume of sales. Many celebrities have also been associated with this platform. You will get books that are available for a limited time and whose sales price is fixed on this platform. If you wish to purchase NFTs with the help of a credit card, you can do so easily on Nifty Gateway.

3) Rarible

  • Rarible is a marketplace for transactions of a wide range of NFTs including music, art, memes, domain, photography, and even gaming, among others. It is a community-owned platform and if you become an owner on Rarible, you will hold the token, ERC-20 RARI. It is soon going to be available for public use that does not require permission, the same regulations that the Ethereum blockchain runs on. If you are one of its most active buyers or sellers, you can even take part in moderation decisions. All you need for that is a RARI governance token. It puts special emphasis on art NFTs.

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4) Foundation

  • This “new creative economy” (as per Foundation) is also one of the best marketplaces where you can transact NFTs. It emphasizes digital art. Artists can join as content providers on Foundation only if they get an invitation from a fellow artist. An artist can share an invite only once. There are certain requirements for creating an artist profile on Foundation. They include minting an NFT or purchasing artwork, and using ether to add a MetaMask wallet.

5) AtomicMarket

  • You can easily use the Atomic Asset Standard to either build digital assets or buy and sell them, or even auction them. The NFT market of AtomicMarket has shared liquidity. In other words, items that are listed on one market are also listed on other markets. If you want to buy NFTs on AtomicMarket, go for the ones that have a verification tick.

6) Mintable

  • Consider Mintable as the eBay of NFTs. Let us introduce you to Mintable, the next name on our list of the best marketplaces where you can transact NFTs. Ethereum and Zilliqa blockchains support Mintable. Given its connection with MetaMask, buyers can easily create wallets for cryptocurrencies. Content creators have the option of creating a smart contract for the NFTs they want to sell.   

7) KnownOrigin

  • If you want to buy rare digital artwork, this is the perfect marketplace for you. The digital art pieces on KnownOrigin that run on the Ethereum blockchain are 100% original and one-of-their-kinds. If you are a creator, you will be able to directly sell your creations to real collectors. If you want to be a creator on KnownOrigin, you have to submit an application but KnownOrigin is not accepting applications as of now.


  • These are the best marketplaces where you can transact NFTs. However, you have to remember one thing and that is spending money on NFTs is as risky as it is for other investment opportunities. All you need to do is conduct thorough research at your end and tread carefully.


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