Best managed hosting providers in 2021


In this article, you will read about some of the best Best managed hosting providers offering managed hosting for WordPress websites or blogs.

When it comes to the content management system, then there is only one thing that comes to the mind of experience or fresh user, and that is WordPress. There is no other content management system other than WordPress, which offers the easiest and quickest method to build a website or a blog.

With just a few clicks, one can set up a website or a blog in an hour.  The best part about WordPress is that there are tons of readymade web templates which can be installed in fractions of seconds, and one can start building his/her website.

User can avoid time and trouble invested in building a website from Ground Zero. The reason behind this is the managed hosting services do all the heavy lifting for the users. These managed web hosting service providers bear all the problem of creating and maintaining a blog.

Hence if you are planning to create your website but do not want to get into the technical details of coding installing and making a website live, then we will suggest you go through the list of best-managed web hosting providers in 2021.

Best managed hosting providers

WP Engine

There is no other name in powerful managed hosting for WordPress other than WP engine. They are the market leaders. WP offers 24×7 unlimited support services with a bit more pricing. The point of discussion is that the WP engine is a bit expensive, but the features and functions that the WP engine is providing is unmatched with any of the managed web hosting services provider in the industry.

With excellent uptime, WP tops the list of managed hosting for  WordPress. the most important reason behind it is the security features.

WP Engine offers a pool of great tools that a user needs while hosting a website or a blog. These tools include user-friendly interface, auto backups, easy editor, simple web building functions and above all round the clock customer support services.

Not only the features mentioned above or tools WB engine offers, but it also offers actionable intelligence to the users in order to help them gain valuable insights on the performance of their web pages and content. It helps users to evaluate what is working for them and what is not.

WP engine comes with four different kinds of pricing plans. All the plans, including free migration and page performance stats. The best thing to know about WP engine here is you subscribe for a 12-month plan to get three months subscription free.

Benefits Of Wp Engine best managed hosting providers

The pricing of the WP engine starts from $35/ monthly. Moreover, a user can take a 60 day trial period after which if not satisfied one can always avail their refund from WP engine.

If we talk about large business websites, WP engine offers custom plans. These plans integrate individual needs of large businesses helping them to scale their online presence.

The most expensive plan of WP engine is $290/ monthly. This plan includes supporting up to 15 websites. it is such a vital infrastructure online WP engine tops the list of managed hosting services.

The next entry in our best-managed hosting providers in 2021 is Godaddy Pro. Check out what Godaddy pro has to offer compared to WP engine. However, this article does not intend to compare Godaddy Pro with WP engine or other service providers. Now that is a different story. So, let us check out Godaddy Pro.

Best managed hosting providers

GoDaddy Pro best managed hosting providers

With customized services and monthly plans, Godaddy Pro is giving fierce competition to everyone. Is whether it managed to host, shared hosting, Dedicated hosting reseller hosting.

An important feature that Godaddy Pro offers is Managing multiple clients from the user-friendly dashboard. Godaddy Pro offers robust hosting services with a wide variety of tools for developers. Excellent support and client management tools are premium features offer from Godaddy Pro.

This helps the user to add multiple clients at a point of time and manage their accounts from one single dashboard. It means you do not need to create different accounts for different clients create one business account in Godaddy Pro and start adding your clients account in the business account. This way, a user can save much time and do more productive work making their customers happy.

The Godaddy Pro dashboard is easy to use. User can see all the products and clients from the dashboard itself. They can also alert by sending SMS or email if there is an issue in the account.

As discussed earlier, Godaddy Pro offers an easy-to-use and user-friendly platform which can be operated with a few mouse clicks. 

The bottom line is if you want to establish a strong online presence, then managed hosting for WordPress is the best. It is not because these managed hosting services provide advanced tool and technology, but it is because they are highly secured and offers world-class browsing experience to the user.

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