Best Internet cars in the world


  • Everything has become internet-based in the digital era and cars are no different. Even car manufacturers have understood the importance of smart cars with internet connectivity that makes life easier and more convenient for customers.
  •  Are you an internet car enthusiast? If yes, this blog post will definitely be interesting for you.
  •  In this post, we will be talking about everything about internet cars and will also be presenting you with a list of the best internet cars that are currently available in the world.

Everything about Internet Cars

An internet car or internet-connected car gives people the opportunity to make calls without using their hands. Not only this, but internet cars also provide important information like live traffic information, directions, weather information, satellite music, and emergency services among other things. More than one passenger can connect their different mobile devices with the internet and play video games or even watch entertaining movies.

Passengers are nowadays making a car purchase decision based on the most important feature i.e. internet connectivity. Car companies are taking notice of the customers’ preferences and are manufacturing cars with internet connectivity, especially a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Best Internet Cars or Internet-Connected Cars in the World

Let’s now focus on the much-awaited list:

1) Chevrolet Cruze – Chevrolet features on our list of the best internet cars in the world as it offers customers the most affordable car options and its line-up of cars comes with internet connectivity, especially a Wi-Fi hotspot that is able to connect up to 7 devices. Powered by OnStar with 4G LTE Services, it provides many features such as accidental lockout assistance, assistance with directions, technical difficulty assistance, and even emergency services.

Chevrolet Cruze

2) Chrysler 200 – Are you looking for a sedan with 4 doors and internet connectivity at an affordable price? If yes, go for the top internet car, Chrysler 200 which has Chrysler’s Uconnect Web by Mopar which offers several features like voice command designed to provide an excellent experience. If you are driving it and connect it to Wi-Fi, you and your passengers can connect as many as 10 devices within a 150-feet radius.

Chrysler 200

3) Audi A3 – The A3 model, which is one of the best internet cars in the world, comes in both the luxury sedan and sporty convertible types and uses technology including a Wi-Fi hotspot powered by 4G LTE services. What will you find inside the car? You will find a gauge cluster that is digitized and an infotainment screen that can be linked to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. What else does this stylish car offer? It also offers Google Earth 3D and satellite-based navigation.

Audi A3

4) Toyota Camry – The Entune System enables Wi-Fi connectivity for this model of internet car. It has a touchscreen interface, satellite-based radio, Bluetooth connectivity, and Scout GPS Link. Toyota’s Entune App suite also gives access to iHeart Radio, Pandora, Yelp, Open Table, destination searching feature, and many others. Do you have an iPhone? Yes? Great! You can use the Siri Eyes Free voice control system for a safer and easier driving experience.

Toyota Camry

5) Dodge Dart – Dodge Dart is an affordable internet car option that has built-in internet connectivity powered by Wi-Fi. What can you have access to as a driver of Dodge Dart? You can use emails, browse websites, and use music channels for streaming music with the help of the Uconnect Web by Mopar system. Up to 10 devices can be linked within a 150-feet radius. What are the other important features? They are a voice command feature, information on fuel prices, navigation assistance, etc.

Dodge Dart

6) Mercedes-Benz GLS – This features on our list of the best internet cars because it has built-in internet connectivity powered by Wi-Fi, provides navigation assistance, two display screens of 12.3 inches each, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. The MBUX infotainment system provides wireless charging and a Burmester surround sound stereo system. You can even have access to Web radio and a web browser with the help of the Hotspot features even when your car is static. You can also get remote car-parking assistance, live traffic data, a vehicle monitoring system, and many more.

Mercedes-Benz GLS


Internet cars are the present and the future of the vehicle industry and internet connectivity is the must-have feature that every consumer looks for these days. You will like it if you can unlock your car with the help of your smartphone so that the car windows are not frosty. Won’t you? Similarly, other smart features like parking space search in a new city, emergency services once the airbag opens up, and many more will add to your in-car experience and zoom around the city in style.

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