Best Games that are based on Movies


  • Are you a fan of movies? Are you a fan of games too? If you are thinking about answering yes to both the above questions, we have a wonderful way to quench your thirst both for movies and games. Do you know some games are inspired by movies? Yes, you have read that right. There are some games that are based on movies.
  • If the above introduction has piqued your interest, go deeper into the article. You may mine diamonds.
  • In this post, we will be covering the best games that are based on movies. Excited already? One thing that you should remember is that we are going to cover video games in this post.

List of the Best Games that are based on Movies

Now, let’s dive into the much-awaited list. Shall we?

1) Spider-Man 2

  • This game has set a benchmark for games that take inspiration from movies as this is undoubtedly one of the best games that are based on movies. The elements of the movie have found their way into the game too in the form of an excellently displayed gameplay. We can say without hesitation that there could not have been a better game portraying Spider-Man. All thanks to its marvelous web-hanging mechanic and open-world setting.

2) Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

  • This game lets players select from three distinct classes and enter the well-known world of Star Wars with panache. Players can either play as the powerful and respectable Jedi who protects the ones who are weak, or as a scoundrel who works for Bounty Hunters or even as a scheming Sith Lord. The game also has spells like the movie. How will you acquire them? You can acquire them by going up the levels. The plot, characters, and dialogues all come together beautifully to cast a “spell” on you.

3) The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay

  • This game is sometimes touted as a better version of the movie on which it is based. It lets you experience melee combat and first-person shooting to the fullest and has stealth elements too. There is no alarming display and that will help you immerse in the world of this game totally. Visually the game is as stunning as it gets. The game is sure to keep you hooked to your screens (whatever device you are playing it on!).

4) Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis

  • This game, which is based on the movie, Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, is the next name on our list of the best games that are based on movies. This graphic adventure game gives you the option to either use your brain or brawn or even Sophia, your partner to smooth sail through this adventure ride. You won’t complain even a bit as far as the storyline, characters, and dialogues are concerned. They are as engaging as the movie trilogy.

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5) Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

  • This open-world game has a unique enemy system that unleashes enemy “orcs” having unique capabilities, characteristics, and cons (weaknesses). The orcs kill Talion to get promoted and boast their triumph in the next encounter. Talion can also take note of this enemy system and tweak it in a way that best suits him. If you recruit an orc and help them get promoted, you can even play alongside Talion.

6) Ratchet & Clank

  • We can’t afford to forget Ratchet & Clank while mentioning the best games that are based on movies. The game has all the ingredients that cook up a great game – fantastic gunplay, advanced controls, and fresh mechanics. You get a new tool best suited for destruction and that is the pixelizor. The game is not only visually appealing but is also mind-blowing in terms of animations and locations.

7) King Kong

  • King Kong is a “lethally beautiful” game adaptation of the movie having the same name. The stars of the movie have also lent their voices for this game. They are Jack Black, Naomi Watts, and Adrian Brody. If you play the game till its final section, guess what you will be able to do? You will get the chance to control, none other than King Kong.


  • There you go. That was the list of the best games that are based on movies. You can end this year on a good note and by that, we mean playing the above-mentioned games that are wonderful adaptations of movies.

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