Best Email Hosting for Small Business

Introduction Of Email Hosting

Email hosting, in general, refers to the service in which a provider of hosting, rents out email servers to the users. There are various free versions available with many hosting companies and provides the advantage of flexibility as well as the power of professional email services. When both incoming and outgoing emails are managed by a separate, dedicated mail server, it refers to professional email hosting. 

The emails, as well as the associated files, are stored on one server. These email hosts can be both paid as well as free. The paid email hosts are not wholly unnecessary but it gives addition to the professionalism of the organization or the industry. 

It does not make it look clumsy and ill-managed, stores important documents, bills, invoices, client contacts or other pieces of sensitive information on the email account.  

However, for small businesses, free email hosting is a better option. Here, we’ll list out some of the best email hosting for small businesses.

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There are various free email hosting provider options that are already household names like Google’s Gmail, Microsoft’s Hotmail, Yahoo, and AOL, etc. Web hosting email services send and receive emails and manage email accounts by webmail that is POP and email clients that is IMAP. 

The best thing about cheap email hosting is that they are free of commitments and contracts. The user does not necessarily have to stick to the old, bulky rules and terms and conditions. 

The other good thing is that they provide enough storage space for small businesses and individuals. The following is the list of some small business email hosting service providers.

Zoho Mail Email Hosting

This is one of the most popular and commonly used email services of its kind. The free plan is extremely good for small businesses and is free of very nosy advertisements. It has a quite easy setup process, easy enough for a laity. Its impressive features include:

  • 25 email addresses- the free plan offers the user to configure more than a score of custom domain email addresses. This is more than enough for an average user as far as the small business is concerned.
  • 5GB of space per inbox- without the need of deleting, shifting, moving or freeing up of space, the user gets a decent storage space per inbox.
  • Desktop, mobile as well as web client- the web interface makes it easy for the user to access their emails even on public shared computers without causing much trouble. Likewise, one can easily fish out their smartphones and shuffle through the mails, thanks to the mobile applications.
  • Dashboard with all the power- the dashboard administration is easy to access. It has loads of options to configure policies, rules, and filters to manage both users and the influx of email traffic.

While the drawbacks are as follows

  • The user does not get the liberty of saved email searches.
  • This service provider does not allow automatic replies.
  • The user is not provided with the facility of importing contacts from various other social media.

Yandex Email Hosting

This is yet another popular email hosting service for small businesses. It has a minimal interface that allows it to work like a dream with no hassle. This email hosting service is reliable and offers a great comeback to the site’s domain name. some of its attractive features are enlisted below

yandex email hosting
  • 1k mailboxes- it has got a humongous number of the email address to create.
  • Inbox space unlimited- This email hosting service provides an unlimited inbox space. Only the user has to be fair and not abusive.
  • Web interface with a theme- Let your preferences take a toll and you choose a theme accordingly. What we mean by this is that the web interface can be customized using different themes as per the user’s preferences.
  • Supports IMAP/POP3- this feature offers the user the liberty to easily configure almost any email client to access the business in an external application.

The only reported issue with this service provider is,

  • The user gets very few options for filtering the emails.


This email hosting service promotes a no-nonsense front. It is powerful yet flexible. This email hosting service provider can be extremely instrumental in enhancing communication with the user and client. This service provider is prompt in its actions, it enables the user to easily configure the email domain records with just a single click. It has got a simple interface to exhibit and is user-friendly.

  • Unlimited mailboxes- ‘unlimited’ is all that is needed. It has got an unlimited number of mailboxes to offer for its valuable users.
  • 1GB inbox space- though 1GB might seem too less for some, one can still save thousands of text and rich HTML emails securely.
  • Easy setup- easy setup is another attractive feature. The setup is extremely simple and quite easy for any beginner or small business.

The unavoidable troubles that followed along are,

  • Unfortunately, no mobile or desktop applications have been developed for this service provider yet.
  • Like it has been mentioned already, what bothers the users is it’s close to minimal storage space.
Best Hosting

G suite

It works wonders starting from $5 per user per month. G suite is instrumental in performing functions like business communication and collaborations. This is the best type of service provider as one can easily access great apps like Google Docs, Google sheets and google slides. The business plan costs $10 per user per month. Users get the option to set up an approved sender list, a co-worker’s email using the same email domain to bypass the spam check or to uplift the strict Google’s default spam filtering.

This service provides give an additional benefit of vault discovery of documents as well as archiving. In addition to that, the business plan eliminates the limit on document storage, in case there are five or more users on the plan. It is one of the best for teams who need email and also the allowance to collaborate in an easier as well as a secure manner in the cloud.

Bluehost: this is a website hosting as well as it offers email hosting as a value-added service which starts from $3.95 to $13.95 per month. It provides cloud hosting which ranges between an amount $6.95 to $15.95 as the introductory price. Both of these options include a free domain as well as an email. 


This provides a suite of productivity tools including word processing and spreadsheets which are built around Microsoft office. Office365 provides 24 * 7 phones as well as web support and Microsoft’s chat-based workspace. It has got a 50GB email box and 1TB of OneDrive storage. It takes a serious check on data loss prevention and multi-factor authentication. Emails can be accessed through the browser of a personal computer, tablet, phablet or smartphone. It can also be accessed offline through the Outlook app.


This provides an email with IMAP support for desktop. It can access Microsoft Word and Excel. The plans begin with $2.99 to $3.99 per user per month and include domain hosting and e-commerce support as an additional service. One can access the emails anytime. It is less expensive as compared to G suite or Office 365. This service provider also offers cloud services but with an additional fee.


It has got virus protection, premium spam, free email migration and 25 mailboxes to offer along with automated email scheduling in Outlook, unlike G suite. The basic plan is devoid of file storage and instant messaging. Rackspace is simple and it offers key operations without any extra features that the users do not use. Also, based on a public review it has been widely mentioned that the live technical support is the most positive about this email hosting service provider.


It has got plans starting from $3 per user, per month. It is ad-free and has 36 languages, offers cloud space and unlimited archiving space. Along with that, it offers full mobile sync with push to mail, calendars, and contacts. The tiers range from $3 to $9. It includes cloud storage of 2GB for basic, 25GB for standard and 100GB for professional. Most people in a public review session have openly stated that this email hosting service provider is intuitive and easy to use. The spam filter is very accurate and successfully keeps unwanted emails away from the mailbox.

Now to select which is the best email hosting for small businesses, certain points are to be kept in hindsight.

  • Price: the price should not be too high that it is not affordable by the small business
  • Easy to use: It means nothing if the user is not able to use this service provider as per the preferences.
  • Storage availability: the storage available should be sufficient for users.
  • Accessibility and security: The service provider must be reliable. Must protect the data, and must offer the user an easy path to access their messages.
  • Spam and virus protection: the product must be good at this.
  • Access to apps:  This feature gives way to the user to access other apps in order to manage their emails, data, and sensitive information with better care.
  • System integration: they must be able to integrate with third-party apps and other office productivity tools.
  • Scalability
  • Customer support: phone, web, email, and live chat sessions by these service providers have to be comprehensible to the users.

All the above points if found purposefully successful, can not only be a good email hosting service provider but the best one for small business.

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