Best Cloud Hosting Providers


Best Cloud Hosting Providers services allow individuals and sometimes different organizations to make their websites available and accessible. Web hosting companies provide space on a server that can be owned or leased for use by the clients. 

They also provide internet connectivity in a data center, There are several types of hosting of which cloud hosting is one type.

Best Cloud Hosting Providers

This hosting is a type of platform which allows the customers to have a powerful, scalable, and reliable hosting service based on load-balanced servers as well as utility billing. Cloud hosting consists of a data center available to many users over the internet. 

This hosting can be available to a single organization, many organizations, or a combination of both.


  • Flexible pricing

In most of the hosting, the client has to pay a monthly rate irrespective of whether you use all of the server resources or not. However, by the use of cloud hosting, you only need to pay for what you use.

  • Easy to scale the server resources

Cloud hosting allows you to have access to a site management dashboard. By using this you can view the performance of your site and scale the server resources up or down according to your need.

  • Redundant server

Most of the hosting services allow your site to live only on a single server. As a result, when there is some problem with the server, your site crashes down and goes offline. 

However, cloud hosting makes your site redundant as a result of which, a site backup immediately takes over the existing site in cases of crashes.

  • The speedy setup process of a server

A cloud hosting service allows you to set up in a very short time. The entire process is hassle-free.

  • Safety from server hardware issues

By the use of cloud hosting, you can keep your site isolated from all physical server issues such as hacking, hardware failure, or system overload. 

In a case where a physical server is compromised or experiences an issue, the site owner can utilize the physical resources of another server.

  • Faster website speed and performance

Cloud hosting servers offer top speeds. They not only increase your site’s capacity but also allows easier loading between various server environments.

Cloud hosting has innumerable advantages making it a must-have for everyone. The best cloud service providers give top-notch and reliable services at an affordable rate and deliver you a product that meets your needs. 

Best Cloud Hosting Providers

TOP Best Cloud Hosting Providers

The cloud hosting industry is expanding rapidly with a growth of nearly 20+ which is fueled largely by the expansion and proliferation of data. 

Since there is a massive demand for cloud hosting, the cloud service provider concepts fiercely to offer the best services at an affordable price. The neck-to-neck competition bodes well for those who are looking for the best solution.

In Motion-Hosting

This hosting is ranked at the top for cloud VPS hosting. They have fault-tolerant SSD storage with up to 8GB RAM.

The hosting service has a free control panel with full root access and managed servers. The free-live State and scheduled snapshots are an additional advantage for the users. With a starting price of $19.99 only with a 90 days money guarantee, InMotion Hosting offers free site transfer and setup. They also include a free domain name for one year and ad additional disk space for 75GB SSD to 260GB SSD. 

You can receive several features such as-Cloud Hosting Providers

  • High availability which includes infrastructure redundancy
  • Secure DDOS defense to provide real-time bandwidth protection
  • Professionals can choose their OS
  • Easily manage accounts with a simple control panel
  • Ultra-fast processing with 100% Intel CPUs

Host Gator

The Host Gator site is twice as fast and four times the computer resources. It has a ton of storage with high scalability and low-density servers. They have multiple caching layers. Users have access to unlimited domains and databases. The site also provides upgrades for security, backups, and productivity. With a starting price of $4.95, the site offers a disk space of 120GB to 240GB. However, they provide a money-back guarantee of only 45 days. The users can understand their website performance by a simple intuitive dashboard. 

The simple dashboard tools provide a quick review of the trends, download speed of various

pages, global reach, and much more. The integrated caching feature allows faster loading of

the page due to a better configuration.

The users also have additional features of

  • Automated failover, where your site automatically switches to another server in situations of hardware.
  • Data mirroring is an excellent feature that ensures the safety and redundancy of your website by automatically disturbing three mirrored copies of your data across different devices.
Best Cloud Hosting Providers


The site allows you to choose your OS and optimized application configuration. One of the biggest advantages is that users can have hourly or monthly billing for more convenience. You can also have optional upgrades for cPanel, backup, and even monitoring. 

At a very affordable price of $4.99 per month, users can have a variety of features including managed services, SSDs, and HDDs available. A disk space of 30GB -750GB SSD is available with a new or transfer domain name. Although they do not provide any money-back guarantee, their services are worth taking the risk.

Instant scalability allows you to increase your cloud server’s resources. The scalable and customizable cloud serves can provide you additional RAM, CPU, or any other thing within a matter of seconds.

  • You can create or import your SSM keys easily within the Cloud Control Panel.
  • Custom templates allow you to configure your server environment according to your likes and can quickly display future servers of the same customized configurations with the simple click of a button.

Inter Server

The cloud server provides a choice of 1-16 cores with up to 16TB of data transfer. The users can have access to plenty of RAM as well as redundant cloud storage. With a starting price of $6, the users can have a disk space of 30GB SSD to 480GB SSD. The users also have the option of having a new or transfer domain name. However, there is no money-back guarantee.

  • The most affordable way to runaway private server for the deployment of your applications on the World Wide Web.
  • Inter servers provide you managed support if you buy 4 slices or more. This support can help you with security patches and diagnosing any failed services. It is one of the best cloud servers for small businesses.

Liquid Web

They offer cloud fare CDN, DDOS protection, and other built-in backups. The users can have a 100% uptime guarantee with rock-solid reliability. The price of $19.99 per month is quite reasonable considering the performance-boosting SSDs of disk space 30GB SSD to 150GB SSD along with a cloud level flexibility. One of the most useful features provided by them is the 24/7 support via different platforms including the phone, chat, and email. 

They offer several other features-Cloud Hosting Providers

  • Gigabit transfer
  • Unlimited sites
  • A completely dedicated IP address
  • Advanced security
  • Local backups
  • Attack protection by DDOS
  • Easily scalability for upgrade or downgrade

1 & 1 IONOS

This is a perfect website builder for professionals. The server allows you to launch your project on a cloud program in just 55 seconds. With a price of $10 per month, you can use the data space of 30GB SSD to 500GB SSD. There are different kinds of packages, which allow you to select the number of CPU cores, RAM, and SSD storage. They even allow you to adjust your configuration any time you want to.

  • The automatic resource allocation allows you to choose vCores and RAM according to your requirements. The individual performance level is automatically optimized if you set up several projects.
  • Powered by the leading and latest technology, the site ensures superfast loading as well as an enhanced data resiliency in events of a drive failure.
  • The Cloud Panel allows you to adjust all your resources and have full control over usage and costs.
  • The site has a central firewall as well as other new technologies including the SIEM and IDS which protects and guards your project against all potential attacks.
  • The Cloud Package comes with a domain name and IP address which is free for a year.
  • An additional 2GB of online storage which is available makes it ideal for the storage of important documents and files.

A2 Hosting

The cloud hosting server provides blazing-fast SSDs featuring page loading up to 300% faster when compared to the standard drives.

  • High performance allows you to have low bounce rates since even a single-second delay can impact these. With A2 Hosting, you can have speed-optimized servers as well as free SSDs.
  • The website offers a 99.9% uptime commitment, as a result of which you can depend on our reliable servers.
  • A highly professional and experienced crew is available 24/7 for your help.
  • With A2 hosting you do not need to worry about keeping your account safe, as we provide the best security measures.
  • Since they offer an anytime money-back guarantee, you can invest without any risk of your loss.

You can use quick start cloud hosting services which allows you to easily choose between different options of RAM, cores, CPU speed, and space.

Best Cloud Hosting Providers

HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT Best Cloud Hosting providers

Several factors should be considered while choosing the best cloud hosting for word press which includes-

Certification and standards

It is important to associate with providers who can comply with the correct standards and demonstrate adherence to the best practices. Although the standard cannot determine exactly which service provider you should choose, it can certainly help in shortlisting the potential choices.

Technologies and service roadmaps

Before opting for a hosting provider make sure that their platform and preferred technology match your objectives. Some of the large scale hosting provider does not offer technical help but instead provide only limited support which then requires the hiring of extra third party supporters.

You also need to confirm everything regarding the provider roadmap and the method by which they plan to innovate and grow.

Data governance and security

It is important to understand the provider data loss and the remaining breach notification process to ensure that everything is aligned and you’re your precious data is not at any risk. The security controls should support your security policies and other processes. For additional security and confirmation, you can also ask for the audit reports of internal security, incident report as well as evidence of actions that were taken in return for the issues raised.

Dependencies and partnership

Many of the service providers have relations with other vendors making it important to have complete information regarding their accreditation and technical capabilities. Find out if they support multi-vendor opportunities. It is also important to clear all service dependencies and partnerships for the provision of cloud hosting.

Contracts and commercials

Cloud agreements are quite complex, and when considering the various standards and services provided it becomes more confusing especially for the new users. Thus before selecting a cloud host service provider, the user should read all terms of the contracts to have a clear-cut understanding of all their policies. Bluehost users should have complete clarity when it comes to the services provided and responsibilities undertaken. 

You also need to assess their privacy policy and other terms and conditions before investing.

Reliability and performance of Best Cloud Hosting Providers

The customer should have a clear understanding of all the steps that would have taken in conditions of downtime and low servers. The performance should be up to the mark and the server should have documented evidence of the steps taken by them in cases of downtime. this allows you to have an idea about the steps that would be taken if your site crashes due to a low server.

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