Best Apps to Invest in US Stocks


  • The US Stock Market has always had a powerful impact on the global economy. There is a valid reason to justify the same. Dow Jones, Nasdaq, and the New York Stock Exchange have some of the biggest corporations listed on them. Obviously then, the US Stock market has attracted global investors. But, which are the best apps to invest in US Stocks? That is what we explore in the current blog post.
  • If you are interested in investing in US Stocks, you have landed on the right blog post.
  • In this post, we will be covering the best apps that will help you invest in US Stocks, provided you are located in India.
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List of the Best Apps to Invest in US Stocks

Let’s dive right into the list then:

1) Tiger

  • This stock investment app for East Asian and Southeast Asian investors is the first name on our list of the best apps to invest in US Stocks. This has no minimum balance or deposit requirement for investment and if you sign up immediately, you will have access to market data and stock vouchers. Based on the number of shares ordered by you, you will be categorized into three levels viz., Silver Trader, Gold Trader, or Ace Trader. As part of their promotion campaign, if you are a new user, you can get shares from Apple and Xiaomi for free.
  • Downloade link: Android link, ios link


2) Vested

  • This app, available for Indian users, is also one of the best apps to invest in US Stocks. This app is available as both web-app and smartphone applications. The web app is said to be better than the smartphone application because you can study charts and compare stocks in a better way as you will get a wider view. Some of the important features of Vested are no brokerage fee, fractional purchase of US Stocks, live data feed, and so many others. You will get support documentation and explanations regarding important questions.
  • Downloade link: Android link, ios link


3) INDmoney

  • This app is also one of the best apps to invest in US Stocks from India as it is one the quickest way to do so. You just need to install the app and open your account for US Stock investment in as few as 3 clicks. This portfolio tracking and investment management app lets you have a glance at all your investments in an integrated manner. In your US Stock Investment account, you will have the opportunity to go through the best US stocks, top gainers/losers, and filter companies sector-wise, and so much more. Some of its top features are easy and quick account opening, zero account opening and management charges, and no commissions among others. In case you go for any of INDmoney’s membership plans, you will receive important pieces of advice regarding US Stocks. You can also open a digital savings account on INDmoney and you won’t be charged even a single penny for transferring funds into your US Stocks account. INDmoney also offers the best conversion rate from INR to USD in the industry.
  • Downloade link: Android link, ios link


4) Groww

If you are looking to invest in US Stocks from India, you may consider Groww as it is also one of the best apps to invest in US Stocks. Its easy-to-use interface needs special mention. Groww is an extremely stable app. Groww allows you to open a US stock investment account in collaboration with ViewTrade securities. The time it takes to activate your US investment account is 2 to 7 days. Its detailed charts will help you have a clear idea about the company you are investing in. Some of the features offered by Groww are zero fees when you are withdrawing for the first time, zero account opening, and management charges. The number of stocks listed on Groww is considerably high than the other apps. The best thing about Groww is you will receive 10$ on the first-term funding of your US brokerage account.


These were the best apps to invest in US Stocks. We are sure you have made your choice regarding the app you will use to invest in US Stocks. We suggest you weigh the pros and cons of all the above apps and make a well-informed choice. After all, investments include risks and you have to “trade” carefully.


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