Beacon Pines is a cozy horror game that hides an emotional mystery beneath cute characters


Like a good secret novel, the best moments in Beacon Pines are once I know what is going to take place.

Early on, primary character Luka VanHorn tries to thwart their companion’s older cousin from dragging him home for chores as opposed to checking out a creepy warehouse together when you are “just a little chill.” That strategy fails spectacularly, nonetheless it ended up being my sole option at that time. In a subsequent scene, We gather a brand new Mad-Libs-like term option “shit” and I also immediately recognize that being “just a little shit” to Roxy will probably work method better. So it will.

This could be the very first major choice that splits the choose-your-own design adventure Beacon Pines down the guts. It is simply a little more interactive than the usual full-on artistic novel—mostly hiking, chatting, and inspecting objects—but having cozy horror amount of strength. The stakes of this plot possibly ramp up a little within the cozy line once it is stated and done, but think about it. Consider it.

(Image credit: Hiding place, other Traveller)

Beacon Pines appears cute from the cuff, populated with animal figures and its own paintbrush storybook visual, but such as the city it self has darker levels underneath. Perhaps not too dark rather than too frightening, but it is absolutely an account about swearing pre-teens, grief, bullying, together with gluey insecurities of relationship. Luka’s mother is lacking, Rolo’s household farm is struggling, and their fresh 3rd accomplice Beck resents constantly being this new kid as a result of the woman mother’s work.


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