Atreus Appears To Usher In Fimbulwinter In God Of War Ragnarök Story Trailer


Sony unveiled a whole new tale trailer for Jesus Of War Ragnarök during today’s State Of Enjoy flow. The video clip showcased otherworldly imagery, including astral jellyfish, giant dinosaur-like animals, and particularly, a crucial scene wherein Atreus generally seems to usher in Fimbulwinter, the conclusion worldwide, alongside Sköll and Hati – two wolves being the offspring of Fenrir. Based on Norse mythology, Sköll and Hati are a couple of wolves whom occur to at least one time spark the start of Ragnarök by chasing and devouring the sunlight and moon. it is pretty clear that’s what exactly is occurring within brand new trailer, but how come Atreus assisting them?

Additionally, it appears Atreus is hiding critical information from their dad, Kratos, why is Kratos after instructions from their teenage son? How come Freya keeping a blade as much as Atreus’ neck into the trailer? Is she keeping Atreus hostage or attempting to show Kratos similar discomfort she suffered after the woman son Baldur ended up being killed in the 1st game? The trailer produces more concerns than responses, exactly what i’d like from pre-launch advertising. 

We’ll need certainly to wait to get the responses to these concerns whenever Jesus Of War Ragnarök releases on November 8. For the time being, inform me your tale theories into the commentary below!


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