Shin Megami Tensei Imagine Online

All throughout the corners regarding the internet, committed fans are maintaining their favourite online flash games afloat. Basically ever obtain a nostalgic pang to come back to Toontown—an MMO that’s been dead since 2013—there really are a numerous faithful and developed servers i could leap directly into. It is component and parcel of our pastime. Unfortuitously, it appears Atlus does not love these fan revivals quite as far as I do.

As spotted by MarshSMT on Twitter, the designer is suing two fans (running under Rekuiemu Games and COMP_Hack) for copyright infringement over its MMO Shin Megami Tensei envision on line. The overall game’s formal servers power down in-may 2016, because of the revived fan host cropping up at some point in belated 2020. An internet site that Atlus states actually “blatant content” regarding the initial Imagine site was additionally presumably operated by Rekuiemu. The internet site appears to be an important pushing point for Atlus, because of the suit claiming Reukuiemu “falsely included unique copyright information” alongside the people for Atlus, Sega and co-developer Cave Interactive.

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