Apple has introduced Security Updates to remove Pegasus Virus

Basic introduction of Apple security updates to remove pegasus virus

  • As mentioned in one of our previous blog posts, the Pegasus virus is wreaking havoc in common people’s lives, especially those who use Apple products. It is spyware from Israel’s NSO Group that has been exploiting zero-click vulnerability to infect various devices like iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac Computer. However, we have got some good news. Apple has recently issued emergency software updates that are capable of removing Pegasus software and making your devices safe and secure again!
  •  If you are someone who owns more than one Apple device, this blog post will prove to be a treat to your eyes.
  • In this post, we will be covering everything about Apple’s Security Update that has been introduced to ward off the Pegasus virus.


 Everything you should know about Apple’s Security Updates to remove Pegasus Virus!

  • After Security Researchers had found a flaw that was exploited by the Pegasus Spyware to infect various Apple’s devices, Apple came out with security updates on Monday to remove the vulnerabilities.
  • Where did it all start? Researchers at a Cyber Security Watchdog organization at the University of Toronto, named Citizen Lab, had found out that the iPhone of a Saudi activist was infected by Pegasus Virus, an advanced form of Spyware from the NSO group. The findings of the research compelled Apple’s Security Team to work 24/7 to find a solution to the problem since, as early as Tuesday.
  • What should you know about Pegasus? Pegasus used a method, called “a zero-click remote exploit” to invisibly invade Apple devices without giving the victim any idea about the same. Its invisible way of attacking has turned it into a weapon of surveillance that is used by governments, criminals, and many more to tip-toe into anyone’s device and have access to important data without letting the victim know about it.

Apple patches a zero-day flaw exploited by Pegasus spyware

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  • What can Pegasus do by exploiting the zero-click vulnerability? – It can have access to the user’s camera, microphone, record messages, calls, texts, emails, etc. Even if your messages are encrypted, it can have access to those messages and transfer them to NSO’s clients who are located at governments in different parts of the world.
  •  As per a senior researcher at Citizen Lab, John Scott-Railton, Pegasus is capable of doing everything that an iPhone user is capable of doing as far as their device is concerned. John had teamed up with a senior research fellow at Citizen Lab, Bill Marczak on the research.

According to the research, more than 1.65 billion Apple products have been exposed to Pegasus worldwide since March.

  • What’s the solution? Apple’s head of security engineering and architecture, Ivan Krstić, came up with some good news on Monday when he informed customers about the latest software updates to ward off Pegasus. He urged them to install iOS 14.8, MacOS 11.6, and WatchOS 7.6.2. He also lauded Citizen Lab for its research. Apple also plans to come up with new security defenses for iMessage in its upcoming iOS 15 software update.
  •  Did you know that over the last 6 years, NSO’S Spyware, Pegasus has gained access to the phones of lawyers, journalists, activists, doctors, nutritionists, and many more? Even children have not been spared by Pegasus.

 According to Marczak’s findings, Pegasus spyware had been accessing and transferring data from Apple devices for not less than six months.

Apple has introduced Security Updates to remove Pegasus Virus
  •  As per Citizen Lab, the zero-click vulnerability or “Forcedentry” is touted as one of the most sophisticated exploits that have been discovered. In 2019, an NSO zero-click exploit-like vulnerability had attacked 1,400 users of WhatsApp. As per a research done by Citizen Lab in 2020, NSO may have a zero-click vulnerability for having access to Apple’s iMessage as well but the full exploit has not been discovered yet.
  •  What is dangerous about discoveries is that Governments and cybercriminals try to gain access to systems before vulnerabilities can be fixed. Therefore, fixing vulnerabilities on time is necessary.
  •  Scott-Railton requested customers of Apple to run software updates without any delay.

What should we do now?

  • Considering the fact that NSO’s targets include heads of states and other dignitaries, you and I are not at all safe from Pegasus Spyware. All we have to do is follow Apple’s instructions and run the required software updates so that we are safe from one of the most malicious Spywares of the decade.

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