Best Android Tv And Tricks

When Google TV was abandoned years ago, it was substituted by a wholly distinct program: Android TV.

It has received positive feedback from both developers and makers. There were few games available for Google TV, but Android TV has accessibility to the Play Store. 

It has received positive feedback from both developers and makers. There were few games available for Google TV, but Android TV has accessibility to the Play Store.

You’re covered few things you can do with your Android TV to further your already great viewing experience. So, let’s get underway on that android tv tips & tricks.

Android tv tips & tricks

  • Personalized Screensaver: While Android TV has a local screensaver feature, it is severely limited and does not allow you to set your pictures. Then this app arrives at the deed. The app was created specifically for Android TV.
  • Sideload Launcher: It’s designed for users who oftentimes mount APK files and necessitate accessibility to them. If you choose to use third-party services that aren’t accessible on TV, just open this Launcher and all of your apps will resemble.
  • Google Assistant: With Google Assistant, you can browse for movies, songs, and videos with a single button click, and the content will be pulled from several applications instantly.
  • Enable Wireless ADB: Enabling ADB is a must if you want to modify your Android TV. You can sideload software without having to use the APK switch, remove bloatware, allow secret rights, and more. 
  • Install Apps without APK transfer: Authorizing ADB on Android TV allows for greater flexibility and modification. As a result, you can establish applications without having to imitate the APK file to your Android TV.
  • Mobile Phone as a Remote: Google offers a free app termed “Android TV Remote Control” that you can practice to get a remote interface on your phone. You can use your Android device to grasp the interface whether you have a Bluetooth or WiFi bond between your TV and your phone.
  • Android TV as a Computer: Android TVs provide USB ports and standard networking options like Bluetooth, implying that you can use them as makeshift computers. You can use Android TV to browse the internet and perform basic tasks in addition to watching media from a variety of channels.
  • Wireless File Transfer: You will transport files using the Send Files to the TV app. The SFTV app would operate flawlessly if you are equated to a general WiFi arrangement.
  • Taking Screenshots: You would save screenshots by tapping the Volume Down and Power keys on the remote at the same time.
  • Home Screen Customization: Tap and hold the “OK” icon whilst the app is illuminated if you want the correct applications on the house show and re-arrange issues based on your preferences.

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  • Mirror your Phone: You will mirror your mobile on the TV with Chromecast functionality. But this doesn’t require some kind of pairing course or anything else. What you need is an Android mobile equated to the corresponding WiFi system.
  • Data Saver Mode: When Data Saver mode is powered on, you’ll be able to stream three times more video content with the same mass of data.
  • PS4 Controller for Games: You can also attach your existing PS4 Dual Shock sensors to the Android TV.
  • Cast Windows 10 on Android TV: Miracast, a platform that enables Windows 10 rendering, is available.
  • Google Duo: Whilst on a Duo video call, hit the Home button on the remote to bring up a PiP window as an overlay. You can also use every sports app to watch a game in real-time.

Conclusion: Utilize these tips for Android television. There are additional measures to aid you to seize the utmost of your Android television.

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