All about Ronnie Spector – age, famous songs, and net worth


  • Ronnie Spector, the popular rock-and-roll singer is no more as she has died after battling briefly with cancer. But, who was she? What was her age? What were her famous songs? What was her net worth? You must be curious to know everything about Ronnie Spector. Right?
  • Don’t worry. In this blog post, you will get to know everything that you need to know about Ronnie Spector.
  • As mentioned above, in this blog post, we will be covering all about Ronnie Spector – Ronnie Spector’s age, famous songs, and net worth.

All About Ronnie Spector

Ronnie Spector’s Age

  • Ronnie Spector was born on August 10, 1943, and Ronnie Spector’s age at the time of her death was 78 years.

All About Ronnie Spector

  • Ronnie Spector was touted as the “original bad girl of rock ‘n’ roll. She formed the famous girl band, “Darling Sisters” with her sister and cousin. They later changed the name of the band to “The Ronettes”. After struggling initially, they became big when they finalized a deal with Phil Spector’s record label. They tasted success with the song, “Baby, I Love You”. After this, their tracks that were included in the top 100 hits were “Is This What I Get For Loving You” and “Born To Be Together”. The band had to be dissolved in the 1960s. Ronnie was in a failed marriage with Phil Sector. She later married Jonathan Greenfield and lived with him until her death. As a solo artist, Ronnie continued singing till her death.

 Ronnie Spector’s Childhood

  • At her birth, Ronnie Spector was known as Veronica Yvette Bennett. She was born to an Irish-American father and an African-American mother. She and her sister, Estelle Bennett were brought up in Spanish Harlem. Ronnie’s mother had raised both her and her sister as they were abandoned by their father when they were extremely young.

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Ronnie Spector’s Famous Songs and Career

  • Ronnie’s voice went well with the Wall of Sound effect that was a trend during that time. The Ronettes toured Europe and performed with famous bands of the 1960s, “The Beatles” and “The Rolling Stones”. They had recorded many popular songs with Philles Records. These songs include their last song, “I Can Hear Music”. As the group met with a series of failures, they broke up in 1967. Ronnie and her band members created a fashion trend with their short black skirts and mascara. The group came together again in 2007 and got themselves inducted in the “Rock and Roll Hall of fame”.
  • Ronnie also started her solo career with “Try Some, Buy Some”. She had also formed a brand-new band, “The Ronettes” with Chip Field and Dian Linton. However, their music was not as phenomenal as that of the original band. She also performed the duet, “You Mean So Much To Me” with the band, Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes. She continued to collaborate with the band to be a part of mainstream music.
  • Her first solo album was Siren, which she recorded in 1980. She collaborated with the punk-rock star Joey Ramone and his band for the same. She got back her lost popularity by 1986 and her song, “Take Me Home Tonight”, found a place on Eddie Money’s list, “Top 5 Hit”. Take Me Home Tonight was also one of MTV’s top videos of the same year.
  • Among her other famous works, mention must be made of her album, “She Talks To Rainbows” in 1999. Also, she had supported the vocals for the Misfits’ Project 1950.
  • Bad Girl Sounds released her album, “Last of The Rock Stars” in 2006. She also released her Christmas EP that included five fresh Christmas songs in 2010. She also paid her tributes to Amy Winehouse after her death.
  • Her 2016 album, English Heart, came sixth on the chart, Billboard Top Heatseekers. In 2017, she reunited with the Ronettes for their new single, Love Power that was featured in People Magazine.

Ronnie Spector’s Net Worth

  • Now, let’s see what Ronnie Spector’s net worth was. It was a whopping $5 million.


  • By now, you must be aware of everything about Ronnie Spector – Ronnie Spector’s age, famous songs, and net worth. We pray she finds peace in her heavenly abode.

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