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  • As per the announcement made by Krafton and PUBG Studios, a new game, which is kind of like a sequel to PUBG: Mobile, will be launched. The title of the game is PUBG: New State. It will be released directly on mobiles. The makers have confirmed the launch date, gameplay details, and system requirements, among others. We will be exploring the same in this blog post.
  • If you are a fan of the PUBG game, we suggest you read this blog post till the end. You won’t be disappointed.
  • In this post, we will be covering everything about PUBG New State: Release Date, Story of the Game, about Graphics, about System Requirements, about weapons and personalization, about Drones, about New Vehicles, about Maps, and all about Seasons.

All about PUBG: New State Release Date

  • The makers have confirmed the date of the global release of the PUBG: New State and it is  November 11, 2021. Although the time has not been confirmed yet, we can expect it to be the same for all regions.
  • The makers had opened the pre-registration for Android and iOS a few days ago and as of now, the number of registrations since the announcement of the game for both Android and iOS stands at 50,000,000+.

PUBG: New State Overview

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Story of the Game

  • PUBG: New State allows players to enter the future world having futuristic game elements as it is set in 2051. The universe, however, is the same as that of PUBG: Mobile.
  • The town around which the game is set is a fictitious one named Troi, which is situated outside of Lansing, Michigan. The storyline of the game revolves around the civil society which has been disintegrated and where the hunters have appeared. You, as a player, will find yourself in the chaotic atmosphere thus created.
  • Since the game allows you to explore a post-apocalyptic environment, you will get the opportunity to use futuristic vehicles and weapons. The makers didn’t want to make the game sci-fi but actually wanted players to relate to it.
  • Although the game has been designed as a battle royale title, you will have access to additional game modes and links to the entire PUBG universe.
  • The game modes are co-op, squad, and battle royale solo. You can play the game either in the first person or third person.

Features of PUBG: New State About Graphics

  • The makers have promised increased realism and intensity with the help of Global Illumination rendering. The game is also going to be compatible with Vulkam, Metal, and OpenGL APIs.
  • The environment of the game will be a self-destructive one and you will get the opportunity to run over fire hydrants, shoot off the doors from cars, shoot using cover, and so many more.
  • We expect to have frame rates as high as 120 Hz or even 144 Hz. But for this, the devices have to be high-end ones.
  • Reports also suggest that the game is going to be more responsive by reducing input lag.

About System Requirements

  • As per confirmation by Krafton, PUBG: New State will work well on Android devices with 2GB RAM and more.
  • The game will also work well on iPhone 6S and later models.

About Weapons and Personalization

  • There will be a wide range of weapons in PUBG: New State, including modern and traditional weapons. As far as gunplay is concerned, dynamic recoil is expected. You can even add a variety of elements to your weapons.
  • You can customize all the weapons in PUBG: New State and even get your hands on new options with updates that the game will be bringing. By customization or changes, we mean both cosmetic changes as well as the way the weapon works.

About Drones

  • Drones will play a huge role in the PUBG: New State game. You can loot Drone credits and ask for resupply to supply you with the things you need the most. However, drones need to be used tactically as enemies may spot them, shoot them down, and loot your delivery.
  • Recon drones will give you a glimpse of the happenings at some other place. If a squad member is killed, you will be able to bring them back as reinforcement by using a flare.  
  • The game will also let you recruit members to your squad.

About New Vehicles

  • PUBG: New State allows you to drive both noiseless electric cars as well as noisy motorbikes.
  • Electric cars will offer quick acceleration but be careful about the battery as it will deplete at a faster rate when you are not inside the game area.
  • You will also be able to carry additional weapons in cars as there is a provision of a trunk.

About Maps

  • At the launch of the game, you will have access to four maps and Troi will be the main map.
  • The map will have 10 landmarks and places such as shopping malls, a stadium, bridges, houses, and others.
  • The patent PUBG map Erangel will also be available which will evolve through updates and become something like a New State map.
  • The game will also offer a small map called Station and a training map where you can test your weapons.
  • The game will also offer limited-time maps, arising due to collaborations.

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All about Seasons

  • The game will have a season system and a tier system containing eight tiers. When the game is released, every player will be in a pre-season playing period.
  • The duration of each season is 2 months after which you will get to restart.
  • The end of the season will see top-tier players battling out in big tournaments to take home big rewards. The makers have not yet come up with the details of these rewards.

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